Sixth Sense 08: Clairaudience

sixthsense_09Hi to all,

Today the sixth sense subject is clairaudience. This ability is so unknown that the word for it is sometimes not even available in corrective dictionaries with in programs. Sometimes writing about it the program will tell me the word doesn’t exist. Word or no word the ability sure exists. I should know I experience it almost every day.

Check Me in Doc

Okay, this is another one that can make you feel like you’re losing your mind. It seems the “Clair” triplets are all prone to really messing with you. (That is clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.) When you start hearing voices in your head you really do sign yourself up to a mental facility, and in 2005 that’s what I did. The truth is, hearing voices in your head doesn’t mean you’re crazy, but it sure can make you think your crazy and certainly turn you crazy. Continue reading

Ascension 05: The Importance of Others

llldigitalHi to all.

Absolutely every one that we come into contact with in our lives has something to offer us in terms of growth and learning. They can teach us how we should act or how we shouldn’t, not to mention a whole other range of lessons including, humility, forgiveness, control of ourselves and letting go of others. Gratitude for these people and their lessons is the best start on how to determine what the lesson may be and how to apply it in your life.

Degrees of Separation

When I say everybody has something to offer I actually do mean everybody. You are learning from your family, your best friend, your acquaintances, your co-workers, the person who smiles at you on the train, the people you pass with out looking at on the street, the stranger who likes and comments on your post, the person who used the public bathroom before you and the list goes on. Even people we have never laid eyes on affect us. How they affect us is.. well.. up to us. Continue reading

Astral Projection 08: Good Vibrations

lllAstral projection_08Hi to all,

Continuing with the Astral projection series I would like to report some fantastic news. Progress. As many of you already know I have dedicated myself to learning to astrally project and Lucid dream. I believe these two are different things and I have a separate definition for them. Finally after five and a half months, this morning I had a breakthrough.

Good Timing

I got a chance to have a lie down about 9am this morning so I thought that I would take the chance to try for an OBE. Recently the only chances I have had to try, have been in the evening before bed. All the research I have done on the subject suggests to me that whilst OBE’s can be done in the evening, this is not the opportune time to have them, especially for a beginner. It is suggested in pretty much every place I go for information, that the best time to try is after about five hours of sleep, (I had, had six.) and going back to ‘sleep’ after staying a wake for a short time. (Which I did.) I started my attempt about one hour after rising for my son who had slept in until 8am. (Happy day.)

lllAstral projection_05Guided Med

So I started my attempt with a guided meditation that uses binaral beats in the background to help with mind state. I skipped the relaxation part as I am now pretty good at relaxing fully and quickly when I concentrate. Although I relaxed easily, I kept failing the sleep tests my body was sending. For those of you know don’t know what these are I will explain.

When we want to have an OBE our body must fall asleep before our mind. Once this happens our body will go into what is called sleep paralysis mode which will stop us from being able to physically act out our dreams. To test if this can happen yet the body will send a signal to scratch, roll over or swallow to find out if the mind is asleep. If you ignore these signal your body gets heavy and numb and sleep paralysis begins. Well, I swallowed and scratched a lot, though I didn’t roll over.

I thought it would be a no go as usually I can at least remain still. The hour long guided meditation ran through and stopped, still nothing was happening and I kept swallowing, even coughing at times. When the mediation ended however I decided not to give up completely and I did not turn it back on. I remained as still as I could and tried to clear my mind. I am not sure if my mind got completely clear though because next thing I knew I was in a dream. Not quite a lucid one either.

The Dream

I was dreaming that I was working in some sort of newspaper that wrote about different sixth sense abilities. I introduced a girl that I can not remember the name of, to someone, but can not discern who. I introduced her as the Astral Projection writer. I think I said “This is ‘Blah’, she does Astral projection” then I remember thinking, “What is it that I would do here? I guess it would be channeling” Like I was deciding. Then my right astral arm lifted and it was like that made me snap into the vibrational stage.

My body was ‘buzzing’ all over. I tried to keep it going and probably got a good 15-30 seconds of vibration before it totally receded. I realized it was because I was coming out of the dream state, I was asking myself if this was the vibration of projection or the tingling associated with channeling. Then I realized I was loosing the vibrations and I tried to focus on them that bought them back for a bit, but I think I tensed up to try to control the vibrations instead of just letting them happen and they faded away. After that the phone rang and I had to get up.

Astral Movement

Before this I have had movement in my astral body before, kind of stretching, like I am made of water, rocking motions. Sometimes I feel like I have flipped upside down on my bed an am backwards in my body but only for a second. The same goes for dizziness, I get weird dizzy sensations but they only last for maybe a second and then they are gone. I realized though that these feeling never went anywhere because I am so out of control in that state that I immediately want it to stop, so it does. I try to make them last but I haven’t succeeded yet. It seems as though this is all movement with-in my body and this is why I hadn’t experienced the vibrations before. But I am certainly excited about my new progress and can’t wait to try again.

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LLLQ #006: Amazing Cake


Hi to all,

Some video blogs coming soon. Until then enjoy the quote of the day. This is taken from one of my YouTube comments that received so many likes it became top comment. I thought I would share it with you.

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Channeling 01: Tingles

lllguide_07Hi to all,

I am so excited. I have had my first external channeling experience I will explain it here, however, this post will probably not reach you for a few days as I am am working on a few other posts and there is one in particular that must come before this. But now that you are here let me tell you how it went.

I was sitting at my computer and noticed that my right brain was tingling. this was not the first time I had felt this tingling and I was unsure what it was and what it meant. The tingling felt a like like insects under my skull. This time it was distinctly over my right brain. It  is not the only place I have felt this tingling in the past it has been in the back, at the crown and on the left. Continue reading

LLLQ #005: Happiness

LLLQ_005Hi to all,

Another Quote. Usually I would include a video blog with the quote but still working out some bugs. Lots of love to you and I hope you enjoy your day.

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Sixth Sense 07: Channeling Abilities

sixthsense_08Hi to all,

This  is something that I do know a bit about but I am just starting to explore. I have been using a form of channeling for about fifteen years. It is not the usual method but for those of you who have been following my blog you know that I channel my spirit Guide, Gemini. She is inside me in a different way to a normal channeling session. A normal session involve a medium that will open them selves to an entity for a short while. The entity then uses their body to speak, move and communicate. Gemini is inside me always. I still have to learn how to open and close and also recognize who it there and so Gemini is like a space-holder, ensuring nothing bad gets in.


Some signs you may have channeling abilities. You can use a Ouija board on your own. You can use a divining rod. You get a lot of paranormal activity around you, though other people may notice it before you do. You can be blissfully unaware of the activity, everyone I lever lived with, including my brother as a child reported ghost-like occurrences in the houses in which I lived. I never noticed, probably because my Brow Chakra was closed. You more than likely have channeling abilities if you have developed an automatic writing ability. Your body or a body part feels physically drawn to or away from certain things. These things may be things such as: such as bins, chairs/beds, cars/ transport or others. You may be being told to quit something (bins), rest (chairs/beds), or leave a situation or location (cars/transport). Also, a tingling anywhere in the brain area, though you should get it checked out by a doctor if you are experiencing physical symptoms of any kind.


In order to get your channeling ability going you need have well balanced and unobstructed chakras. The Chakras that will be directly involved in the channeling and the ones to work with are the Brow chakra and the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is responsible for letting your desired entity in. Your Brow chakra will help you to access and control your ability. My need for Gemini was because I have always had a highly open Crown Chakra and an under developed Brow Chakra. My Brow chakra is finally catching up. I feel I will always have a need for Gemini though.


This will be the the best way to develop your abilities however don’t go rushing in to practice right away. Contact your guide first and let them help you to develop your gift. They should be the first ones you let in. You have to spend time communicating with them and trust them completely before I recommend you try. I have many posts on contacting your own guides including the first in this, the Sixth Sense series. Once you are confident that you have the ability to protect yourself properly, can trust your guide and can identify the difference between different energies/entities, then you may want to go ahead and start preparing for your first communication.

To do this meditate on opening your Brow Chakra and opening your Crown Chakra. For best communication you should make sure you have all your chakras well balanced and unobstructed like I mentioned before. Meditate on opening your chakras like flowers. Practice running white energy through them to check if there are any obstructions. Imagine the light running up on your left and down on your right but both through your main chakras. If you come up against resistance or notice any pooling or blank areas, draw light into them until they feel free flowing, this may take several sessions depending on the severity.

Now you can start to work on your Brow and Crown Chakras. For development you can imagine they are infused and glowing with white light this will protect them and stimulate them helping to activate them.  When you are ready ask your Guide to come through. You will have to ask them or they will not come through. Anything that tries to force it’s way in is not what you want. Always Protect yourself by projecting a bubble of white sparkling light around you. Light any active chakras with white light and most importantly keep your vibrations high and be happy. Having high vibrations will attract entities of that vibration, ensuring you have a positive and loving experience.

Remember do not fear and do not do anything you are not sure of or are unready for. You have a guide even if you haven’t met them yet and they will always help you on your spiritual journey. They are better than any article and can give you personal advice for yourself.

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