Ascension 02: Signs and Sypmtoms

lllchakra_03Hi to all,

The signs and Symptoms that may be involved with each spiritual journey is something I want to talk about. There are many pages you can find to list these symptoms and signs for you. I want to talk about it because it so much of a relief to know that you are not alone and awareness of the symptoms and signs may put an end to the confusion for some. Continue reading

Spirits in the Pictures


Hi to all,

I wanted to talk about one of the more obscure experiences I’ve had. I mentioned it briefly in my first post “The Spiritual Journey Thus Far”.  I had been experimenting with Ouija boards, in particular the psychic circle. My third eye was opened and I experienced some things that even up until today I can not explain. The most bizarre was something that I’ve never even heard of before.

The Walls Have Eyes

Have you ever felt like the pictures on your wall were watching you. I have. I used to feel that way a lot as I was growing up. Then when my third eye opened up I could actually see the eyes watching me. It is so hard to explain. When I looked at a picture I could see that someone was watching me from behind the eyes. There is a distinct difference between looking into the eyes of a human being and seeing them looking back at you and looking into the eyes of a picture and seeing no life at all.

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