Pre-Lucid Dreams 01: The Dreamer


Hi to all,

I thought that I would be posting this a little further down the line as it has only been about a week since I started to seriously try to have lucid dreams. As a way of furthering my spiritual connection and knowledge and as away to find my true niche in life I have been using guided meditation to help with several things. First of all was to lift my vibration. This would help me to stay positive, happy and grateful at a very trying time of my life. The second was lucid dreaming. A way of exploring my consciousness and as a learning curve toward the third of my goals, Astral projection.

Am I Awake?

Yesterday I woke up around 5:30am and as usual when my son went back to sleep an hour and a half later I also went for a nap. I spent the hour and a half questioning if I was awake to get into the habit and to encourage me to automatically ask the question when dreaming. I had read that I should do this at regular intervals all day everyday for the desired effect. I kept forgetting, lol. But about an hour or so before I go to sleep each night I would remember and then begin doing it. I have a few favorite guided meditations that I have found on you tube that I play on my iPod when going to sleep. I started with this great one ~

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