Redemption 01: Begininning of the End

llllight_01Hi to all,

Have you ever had a manipulative friend? A friend that when you realize that all they want to do is manipulate you they get angry and want to hurt you? Have you ever shared a body with that friend. No. Well I never thought I would be sitting here answering yes. This was not the beginning of the story. But it is the beginning of the end. The most juicy part if the story.

Who Are You?

For those of you who are familiar with my blog you will know who Gemini and Teepu are. Actually no you don’t. Scrap that. They, it seems are one in the same, or are they? What they are, what it is, I am trying to determine but also who am I. It seems my memories are coming flooding back. I would say they are the wrong ones but they are not. They can’t be, maybe I’m asking the wrong questions, looking for the wrong thing. Maybe the timing isn’t right. I get the feeling I have been hiding who I am from myself. Probably for very good reasons. Definitely for very good reasons if my memories are correct. Continue reading

Ouija 05: The Transition.


Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to catch the first four installments starting [HERE], then [HERE], [HERE] and [HERE]. Now I was communicating with Gemini regularly, but every time I would use an alphabet system, that is something similar to a Ouija board but I would draw them up myself, she would mostly barely talk to me. Her standard response was B-Y-E. I had many conversations in this board-like format with in the last five years. Not all of them were Gemini.


The male aspect of Gemini would also talk to me and at the time I actually thought there were four separate entities speaking to me on the board. There wasn’t. This is where the tests began. [CLICK FOR INFO ON THE TESTS] There were in fact only two entities talking to me. Gemini although two consciousness’ is the same entity. I should have been able to tell them apart and I began to. That wasn’t the problem. I could feel the difference between the two consciousness’ what I couldn’t seem to feel was the similarities. I had no Idea at the time that I was still speaking to Gemini despite the change from feminine to masculine energy. Continue reading

Ascension 04: The Awakening


Hi to all,

It seems to me that there are a lot of things that can spark an awakening. Some are induced through spiritual or paranormal experiences like I had, some are near death experiences, some through suffering. All I know is that once you’ve had an awakening it seems that it will pull you along. It is a journey that will change you for the better and can be a wonderful journey, but I won’t candy coat it. If you are not ready for your awakening it will come as a great shock. Consciously choosing to awaken yourself to your higher energy, I can imagine will not be as bigger shock as to those such as myself that bungle through it not really knowing what an awakening is, or that I would like to have one.

The Calling

Before my awakening I felt that there was another side of life that I wanted to be open to but didn’t know how. I believed in the paranormal and the spirit world. I believed that human beings have talents that we haven’t evolved into yet, but I just didn’t know how to develop them. In other words I didn’t know what I was looking for was to awaken my spiritual self and If I had, I wouldn’t have know how to do it. I tried reading books but again I wasn’t really sure. I remember the first book on Astral Projection I got included rituals with symbols and you had to face in a specific direction. It was weird and I knew it was not what I was looking for.

If you have read much of my blog you will know that I started meddling with Ouija boards when I was young and my awakening started here. It has, however knocked at my door for over a decade waiting for me to acknowledge it and start the spiritual journey waiting for me. At this point I would like to say that now that I am ready and have recently  begun, it feels better than ever. Continue reading

Ouija 04: Relapse

lllouija_08Hi to all,

Okay, first of all the lead up. If you haven’t already read them you will want the first three installments [HERE], [HERE] & [HERE]. About ten years passed without any activity on the paranormal front. I still thought about it on occasion and wondered how I had become in control of it and whether it was still there. I would concentrate on it and when I could feel what ever was in my hand had found a direction, I would stop before it could move.

The Call

Then, I remember so distinctly, one day I was sitting at the Airport. I was on the way to play a gig interstate. I was drinking a coffee and watching the planes as they taxied across the tarmac. I rested my coffee on the counter where I was sitting and without even a thought from me it moved. “Why now?” I thought. I still don’t know. Continue reading

Ouija 03: The Aftermath

lllouija_04Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to read the start of the story [HERE] and [HERE]. Okay  Now this is where a few of my other posts also come into the time line. Strange things were happening like the [SPIRITS IN THE PICTURES] & [MEETING GEMINI]. At this point I tried the [SPIRITUAL CLEANSING] but this was not the only place that I went for help. I read books and even took a trip to my old ‘Born Again Christian Church’ hoping they could help rid me of what I had done.

What was it that I’d done? Well  at that point I didn’t know. All I knew was that my body wasn’t only mine. It tried to and was sometimes successful at moving with out me. I couldn’t leave my hands on cups and mugs or other light items such as paper as they would move with out my consent. I woke up in the middle of the night because my left hand was sliding across the bed without me. If this is scaring you, it should. Something other than myself was in my body and I had opened a doorway that I could not seem to shut. Continue reading

Universal Road Signs: Short Cuts

lllmountains_02Hi to all,

Today I want to talk about Universal Road Signs. By Universal Road Signs I mean things that we see, hear or have happen to us that show us where we are on our spiritual journey, if we are on the right track, which way to go and where we should be heading. In specific today I’m talking short cuts. These are the ones that show us where we should be heading.

A Glimpse

Occasionally the Universe gives us a glimpse of something that is way beyond our current abilities as a physical being.  I believe the reason is to show us what is possible, what we have access to but are not using yet. Now the reason we are not using it may be many different things, The most common and where the majority of our western culture resides is in the “I’m unaware of it or I don’t believe in it” section. Once you experience it though it may be enough to get you curious enough to try to understand it better. Many, however, will shrug it off as a freak occurrence. Some people may not know how to follow their road sign, others may misinterpretation it. Continue reading

Ouija 02: Escaping the board


Hi to all,

Okay, so if you’re just joining me you may want to read the lead up to this one [HERE]. Now it was happening the same way each time and although there was not a lot going on, on the board, it was enough to keep us interested, especially me. I hadn’t expected anything to happen for me on the board so I pushed to to see if we could get more. Gemini constantly blocked the board to stop anything from getting through. I had no Idea at the time that the “ghost” that she had spoken of was making consistent psychic attacks on me. The strong pull I felt toward using the board was caused also by this spirit’s strong desire to affect me.

Things could have gone so incredibly wrong here and I thought that they had. It started like a normal session only this day I had thought we had, had a break through. The disc had varied from the usual ‘Gemini’, ‘White’, ‘Blue’ responses. The disc slid to the word ‘Take’. A Psychic Circle has a lot more on it than a usual Ouija board including words, symbols and colors. When it rested on the word I started to feel vibrations going up my arm. I could feel that something was being given to me and it scared me quite a bit. My curiosity overrode that fear however and instead of taking my fingers off the disc I told what ever that had moved the disc and was offering these vibrations that I only want it if it was good and positive. It did not move. The vibrations continued. I repeated my conditions. Continue reading

Spirit Guide 01: Meeting Gemini


Hi to all,

I’d like to tell you about the first time I actually met my spirit guide, Gemini.  Around the time of my Ouija sessions [you can read the lead up here.] I was going to sleep one night. I was just about to drop off to sleep and I had a flash of an image. It was very quick as I wasn’t expecting it and at the time had no idea I was connecting though my third eye with the unseen. In fact if you’ve been reading my blog you will know, I had no real idea what was happening at the time.

I was lying there in the dark and I remember it so clearly a flash of electric blue eyes. No iris, no white, no pupil. Just blue. But there was something else. Gold around the eyes. It was too quick for me to make out but it was so vivid that I sat up. Very curious. Continue reading

Ouija 01: The Sessions


Hi to all,

Okay so I don’t think I will get this into one post so there may be a few of this series as well. Back to the past and I was about 20 years old I was living in a town house. I spent about a year or so experimenting with a Psychic Circle that my friend had lent me. He lived with his parents and we really couldn’t do anything there. The first thing you should know is that before even trying a Ouija board, I actually did believe that it could be used for communication with the unseen. I also believed that one shouldn’t mess with something they knew nothing about.

The 180

For some reason I had come to feel differently at this time, thinking that nothing would happen. I remember thinking, “Nothing exciting ever happens to me. I bet you this will be a bust.” A friend bought around a ‘Psychic Circle’. I remember at this point I actually promised myself that I wouldn’t do it in my house and I wouldn’t do them alone. I did both. Continue reading

Spiritual Cleansing: Kicking Out Ghosts


Hi to all,

So if you’ve been following the story you may have read The Spiritual Journey Thus Far, and/or Spirits in the Pictures. So there is some weird stuff happening to me and in my house and I thought that I would do a blessing on the house. Well not me but a friend and her sister. They come from a very spiritually aware family and have had experience with these sort of things. The first thing that we did was get my friend to come and ‘feel’ the house. At first there was nothing of significance. She confirmed that there was something there but could feel little about any detail.

The Board

She then touched the Ouija board. She began to spontaneously cry. She said that what ever was trying to come through on the board was extremely sad. That was all that we found out that night. She didn’t really want to stay. She returned a few nights later with her sister to help cleanse the house, she blessed every door and window. We took the disc that we were using on the Psychic Circle and we were going to burn it.

Continue reading