Ouija 03: The Aftermath

lllouija_04Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to read the start of the story [HERE] and [HERE]. Okay  Now this is where a few of my other posts also come into the time line. Strange things were happening like the [SPIRITS IN THE PICTURES] & [MEETING GEMINI]. At this point I tried the [SPIRITUAL CLEANSING] but this was not the only place that I went for help. I read books and even took a trip to my old ‘Born Again Christian Church’ hoping they could help rid me of what I had done.

What was it that I’d done? Well  at that point I didn’t know. All I knew was that my body wasn’t only mine. It tried to and was sometimes successful at moving with out me. I couldn’t leave my hands on cups and mugs or other light items such as paper as they would move with out my consent. I woke up in the middle of the night because my left hand was sliding across the bed without me. If this is scaring you, it should. Something other than myself was in my body and I had opened a doorway that I could not seem to shut. Continue reading

Spirits in the Pictures


Hi to all,

I wanted to talk about one of the more obscure experiences I’ve had. I mentioned it briefly in my first post “The Spiritual Journey Thus Far”.  I had been experimenting with Ouija boards, in particular the psychic circle. My third eye was opened and I experienced some things that even up until today I can not explain. The most bizarre was something that I’ve never even heard of before.

The Walls Have Eyes

Have you ever felt like the pictures on your wall were watching you. I have. I used to feel that way a lot as I was growing up. Then when my third eye opened up I could actually see the eyes watching me. It is so hard to explain. When I looked at a picture I could see that someone was watching me from behind the eyes. There is a distinct difference between looking into the eyes of a human being and seeing them looking back at you and looking into the eyes of a picture and seeing no life at all.

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