Manifestation 02: Thought


Hi to all,

The second thing we are going to talk about in regards to manifestation is thought. Here we are talking about obviously your conscious thoughts but also your intent and visualizations. As I mentioned in the first post the meaning of the words are not important, the energy behind them, that they carry is most important. This is one of the main places they will get their energy from.

Thoughts themselves have their own energy. Thoughts can take on a life of their own and take over your mind until it is completely consumed by one thought in particular. But thoughts are most useful in manifesting because they have such a heavy influence on our emotions. The most powerful energy we as human beings can emit. The most powerful of those emotions is love at one end and fear at the other. I will get more into emotions in our next post but for now let’s see how we can use our thoughts to our advantage. Continue reading

Manifestation 01: Sound

lllcupcakes_01Hi to all,

I have been doing some manifestation work with Gemini. At my request we started working on this due to some unfortunate financial circumstances and so far have yielded some very good results. The law of attraction was made famous by the DVD and books called “The Secret”. I remember commenting to someone else blogging on this subject, and they agreed, at how this series had made the law of attraction look like some sort of cosmic Santa Claus which was completely inaccurate.

I am writing this for those of us who have had trouble manifesting consciously. We do everything we are supposed to and still nothing happens. If this is you, listen up. The first thing that you must realize when you start to try manifesting is that you are attracting energy not physical things. The energy will manifest into physical things and it will do this constantly whether you are trying to or aware of it or neither. Continue reading