Astral Projection 09: Little Help

lllmoon_01Hi to All,
Some more progress on the Astral Projection/OBE front. Before I start though. I would like to say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting that much lately but I have had lots on my plate. I do have over the drafts ready to be written as I have heaps I want to share but time to put them out is being taken up by some other exciting projects at the moment.

Bed Time

Okay so, It’s bed time and I am not even thinking I will try an AP. I get just on the other side of sleep and I think I’m still awake for some strange reason and as I lie there I get a message. He is showing me to lift my left arm by showing me lifting my elbow a few times. Then I get a signal for me to lift my left arm with an urge to move it. Continue reading

lovelightlearn Quote #003

LLLQ_003Hi to all,

Here is today’s quote for the post on pre-lucid dreams. Today we are talking about false awakenings. I hope you enjoy. I will post a copy of the vlog for you here, below.

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You Can’t Separate Peace From Freedom

lllearth_036Here is today’s meme to go with the post on sixth senses. Toady we will talk about astral Projection and how we can develop and use this ability. Enjoy. Scroll down to get the video version of the post. xx

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Lift Your Spirit and Your Mind and Body Will Follow

lllAstral projection_07

This is the meme for Astral Projection 07: Astral selves.  If you have been following on Tumblr you will know I have been posting them there for a little while. They have been doing well so I thought I would share them with the WordPress community also.

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Astral Projection 07: Astral Selves

lllAstral projection_08

Hi to all,

I had a very interesting experience the other day. As a lot of you will already know I have been having many unaware projections where I realize after waking from a dream that it was actually a projection. One of the things that gives them away is that I will start the dream from a point very close to my sleeping body, at least in the same room, and often I actually start the ‘dream’ waking in my bed.

Rude Awakenings

I had gone back to sleep after my son fell back asleep around mid morning. As my husband works evenings he was already asleep in bed. I remember waking in my projection, unaware that I was projecting and freaking out. I remember jumping up out of the bed screaming “Who are you! Why are you here? Who are you?” A man I had never seen before was sleeping next to me. As I started freaking out he woke up and also freaked out, I assume he didn’t recognize me either, but he didn’t say anything to me so I can’t be sure why he freaked out. Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming 02: Awareness


Hi to all,

Again I haven’t posted on Lucid dreaming in a long time either. It is not that it has fallen from my goals list, I am just learning a very important and needed lesson in patience. I think that, that lesson is sinking in because I am extremely happy with the pace of my progress, even if it has slowed a little recently.

Increased Awareness

To help with lucid dreaming I am using increased awareness during the day. What does this mean? Well taking the time to become fully conscious, completely in the moment and fully aware. It is coming along rather well. It isn’t easy though. We think so much in day to day life it is sometimes hard to remember to stop and just be. I have an alarm that goes off every two hours. It is labeled “Am I awake?” Evey time I hear it i check if I am awake. But how does this help with lucid dreaming? Continue reading

Astral Projection 04: Exercise


Hi to all,

Well it’s been a while since I have written about astral projection. It is because my meditation has been cut down. For those of you following, you will already know that as my son grows, our routine changes and I have recently changed to a routine that doesn’t allow for as much quite time to meditate. The time I do have to meditate often gets cut short when I fall asleep due to the tiredness of being a new mother. But as I began to be more and more grateful for my morsel of meditation each day, it is slowly becoming a meal again.

Back on the Horse

My favorite guided meditation for astral projection is no longer fading into my subconscious ten minutes in during the affirmations and I am getting close to the end more often. The thing that I love about this guided meditation is that it takes a holistic approach. Even if I don’t make it out of my body consciously, I feel I have come closer to reaching my goal. The reason for this is that it is segmented into stages that work to improve different parts of the process.

Continue reading

Astral Projection 02: The Process


Hi to all,

Okay so we’ve decided that we would like to experience an astral projection. Well I have anyway and you’re here coming along for the ride. (If you aren’t you want to start here.) So like I said before I found myself some guided meditations, which was fun but I still didn’t know what I was doing. The relaxation factor was excellent, especially for someone who has problems with insomnia. But was I doing it right? Was I close? Should I change something? I didn’t know. So I started researching the subject online.

Travel or Projection

I found that the commonly recorded process for having lucid dreams was extremely similar to that of having an OBE or Outer Body Experience. I am still researching the subject/s and I will most likely rewrite this entire thing once I have had an OBE and can talk from experience. One of the interesting things I found out was that Astral Projection is not the only way to Astral Travel and that they weren’t the same thing like I originally had thought.

Continue reading

The Spiritual Journey Thus Far


Hi to all.

I’d like to start with a little of my history. Not my whole history. Don’t worry. Just where the bulk of my spiritual journey began. I will let you know know that although I have had extensive amounts of experience on this level, I am still in the very beginning stages of my exploration of my spirituality. I have got to tell you though, it’s kind of like exploring your sexuality. At first it’s scary and you’ve been brainwashed that it’s bad so you feel a bit bad about it. Then, you find your rhythm and realize it’s the most natural thing you have ever done.


I have regular contact with my spirit guide. She is a feminine energy named Gemini. At least that is what I call her and it seems she prefers. We met funnily enough on a ‘Psychic Circle’ Ouija board. At the time, I didn’t know what I was dealing with and the transition was so scary at one point I went into shock. At this time also my third eye opened for the first time. I was amazed at what this meant, but again I was in uncharted territory and it was scary. It was 1998 and I was 20 years old. Continue reading