Sixth Sense 01: Opening for Guides

lllguide_07Hi to all,

Today  I would like to talk about opening for contact with your guides. Whilst I have done a DIY For spirit guides that I highly recommend you read, I would like to concentrate on how you go from a closed off sixth sense to opening up your third eye.  Getting contact from your guides or more so recognizing contact from your guides, your guardians and the difference. Meditation is the best way to heighten your awareness. But which position is best for this?

Meditation Position

When you meditate the best position to take is the one that works for you. The most commonly used and effective are on your back with your arms by your side or gently resting on your stomach, this is my favorite. Then there are the seated positions, once you have researched a little you may want to choose a specific position but comfortably in a chair with hands in lap or cross legged on the floor. You can use meditative calming and focusing techniques through out the day in which you don’t need to be in any particular position. Continue reading