Astral Projection 09: Little Help

lllmoon_01Hi to All,
Some more progress on the Astral Projection/OBE front. Before I start though. I would like to say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting that much lately but I have had lots on my plate. I do have over the drafts ready to be written as I have heaps I want to share but time to put them out is being taken up by some other exciting projects at the moment.

Bed Time

Okay so, It’s bed time and I am not even thinking I will try an AP. I get just on the other side of sleep and I think I’m still awake for some strange reason and as I lie there I get a message. He is showing me to lift my left arm by showing me lifting my elbow a few times. Then I get a signal for me to lift my left arm with an urge to move it. Continue reading

Ouija 05: The Transition.


Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to catch the first four installments starting [HERE], then [HERE], [HERE] and [HERE]. Now I was communicating with Gemini regularly, but every time I would use an alphabet system, that is something similar to a Ouija board but I would draw them up myself, she would mostly barely talk to me. Her standard response was B-Y-E. I had many conversations in this board-like format with in the last five years. Not all of them were Gemini.


The male aspect of Gemini would also talk to me and at the time I actually thought there were four separate entities speaking to me on the board. There wasn’t. This is where the tests began. [CLICK FOR INFO ON THE TESTS] There were in fact only two entities talking to me. Gemini although two consciousness’ is the same entity. I should have been able to tell them apart and I began to. That wasn’t the problem. I could feel the difference between the two consciousness’ what I couldn’t seem to feel was the similarities. I had no Idea at the time that I was still speaking to Gemini despite the change from feminine to masculine energy. Continue reading

Ouija 01: The Sessions


Hi to all,

Okay so I don’t think I will get this into one post so there may be a few of this series as well. Back to the past and I was about 20 years old I was living in a town house. I spent about a year or so experimenting with a Psychic Circle that my friend had lent me. He lived with his parents and we really couldn’t do anything there. The first thing you should know is that before even trying a Ouija board, I actually did believe that it could be used for communication with the unseen. I also believed that one shouldn’t mess with something they knew nothing about.

The 180

For some reason I had come to feel differently at this time, thinking that nothing would happen. I remember thinking, “Nothing exciting ever happens to me. I bet you this will be a bust.” A friend bought around a ‘Psychic Circle’. I remember at this point I actually promised myself that I wouldn’t do it in my house and I wouldn’t do them alone. I did both. Continue reading