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Spirit Guide 02: DIY


Hi to all,

So you are embarking on your spiritual journey and you’d like some help. Your spirit guide/s are the best place to go but how do you  contact them? Well I’m pretty much an expert on what NOT to do. For a start, don’t use a Ouija board or anything else that may be high risk. I did it that way and some truly scarey stuff happened to me that could have quite easily gone very badly. I wasn’t trying to contact my guide but I had put myself in so much danger she felt she needed to step in.

Now you can use a psychic or a medium, however, they will cost a small fortune especially if you have one who is legit and is good at what they do. Sorting through the fakes from the real can also be a task, especially if your intuition is not strong yet, but even if it is you may waste a lot of time and many dollars sorting through the bunch. It could take years to find what you are looking for. Continue reading