Meditation 07: Quiet the Mind

lllmeditation_02Hi to all,

Today I’d like to continue with an update on the Meditation series. If you have been following the blog, you will know that I have started meditating in the last few months. I use Binaral Beats and Isochronic Tones to help me reach desired mind states and guided meditation to help me focus on the intended purpose of the meditation. I have now decided that I would like to seriously start using meditation to completely clear my mind. Easier said than done, so I looked up some hints and tips to help me with clearing my mind.


I have found that when ever I am trying to clear my mind I realized that there were actually three parts to this process. When you clear your conscious mind you start to hear chatter from your subconscious mind, My clairaudient ear also start to pick up on things and there is chatter there also. I have found myself trying to wade through three different levels of silence. The key to all of them is a passive mind. Hard for me to do right now but something I am practicing. What this means is that to stop your conscious mind you must relax your mind. If you start to think then relax as soon as you notice and stop. Continue reading

Manifestation 02: Thought


Hi to all,

The second thing we are going to talk about in regards to manifestation is thought. Here we are talking about obviously your conscious thoughts but also your intent and visualizations. As I mentioned in the first post the meaning of the words are not important, the energy behind them, that they carry is most important. This is one of the main places they will get their energy from.

Thoughts themselves have their own energy. Thoughts can take on a life of their own and take over your mind until it is completely consumed by one thought in particular. But thoughts are most useful in manifesting because they have such a heavy influence on our emotions. The most powerful energy we as human beings can emit. The most powerful of those emotions is love at one end and fear at the other. I will get more into emotions in our next post but for now let’s see how we can use our thoughts to our advantage. Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming 02: Awareness


Hi to all,

Again I haven’t posted on Lucid dreaming in a long time either. It is not that it has fallen from my goals list, I am just learning a very important and needed lesson in patience. I think that, that lesson is sinking in because I am extremely happy with the pace of my progress, even if it has slowed a little recently.

Increased Awareness

To help with lucid dreaming I am using increased awareness during the day. What does this mean? Well taking the time to become fully conscious, completely in the moment and fully aware. It is coming along rather well. It isn’t easy though. We think so much in day to day life it is sometimes hard to remember to stop and just be. I have an alarm that goes off every two hours. It is labeled “Am I awake?” Evey time I hear it i check if I am awake. But how does this help with lucid dreaming? Continue reading