Astral Projection 06: Awareness

lllAstral projection_06

Hi to all.

Now Those who are following already know that I am currently on the path to experience lucid dreams and astral projection. I have been working on my Awareness. It seems that I keep having non-lucid projections. The seem like dreams until I wake up and realize that they are not dreams but instead projections.

How to Tell

I have come to realize only recently that I have experienced many projections in my life some I am more aware of than others. I am assuming that the things to look for are different with each person. But there are certain things that if you miss them whilst you are projecting you will be able to pick up on them as soon as you wake up, so long as you know what they are.In the waking state it is very obvious, the trick is getting your mind to acknowledge it as you sleep. Continue reading

Ascension 05: Going Digital


Hi to all,

I recently had a conversation on another website that started with a question. The question compared analog and digital to the spiritual and asked if it may be similar in a way that once you go from analog to digital, you loose information in the process. Information that may never be retrieved from the new digital version. Gone forever.

Higher Realm University

I recently prayed to my Guardians. I had heard that it was possible to learn or for lack of a better analogy Study in the higher realms. To be honest I had no idea what was learned there or how it all worked. I was sure that the higher realms would be a great place to be let alone the untold wisdom that could be learned there. So I asked. If it were possible I would like to visit the higher realms and learn straight from my guardians. I figured some sort of astral travel would be involved as I have seen lower realms this way. Continue reading

Astral Projection 04: Exercise


Hi to all,

Well it’s been a while since I have written about astral projection. It is because my meditation has been cut down. For those of you following, you will already know that as my son grows, our routine changes and I have recently changed to a routine that doesn’t allow for as much quite time to meditate. The time I do have to meditate often gets cut short when I fall asleep due to the tiredness of being a new mother. But as I began to be more and more grateful for my morsel of meditation each day, it is slowly becoming a meal again.

Back on the Horse

My favorite guided meditation for astral projection is no longer fading into my subconscious ten minutes in during the affirmations and I am getting close to the end more often. The thing that I love about this guided meditation is that it takes a holistic approach. Even if I don’t make it out of my body consciously, I feel I have come closer to reaching my goal. The reason for this is that it is segmented into stages that work to improve different parts of the process.

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Ascension 02: Signs and Sypmtoms

lllchakra_03Hi to all,

The signs and Symptoms that may be involved with each spiritual journey is something I want to talk about. There are many pages you can find to list these symptoms and signs for you. I want to talk about it because it so much of a relief to know that you are not alone and awareness of the symptoms and signs may put an end to the confusion for some. Continue reading

Universal Road Signs: Short Cuts

lllmountains_02Hi to all,

Today I want to talk about Universal Road Signs. By Universal Road Signs I mean things that we see, hear or have happen to us that show us where we are on our spiritual journey, if we are on the right track, which way to go and where we should be heading. In specific today I’m talking short cuts. These are the ones that show us where we should be heading.

A Glimpse

Occasionally the Universe gives us a glimpse of something that is way beyond our current abilities as a physical being.  I believe the reason is to show us what is possible, what we have access to but are not using yet. Now the reason we are not using it may be many different things, The most common and where the majority of our western culture resides is in the “I’m unaware of it or I don’t believe in it” section. Once you experience it though it may be enough to get you curious enough to try to understand it better. Many, however, will shrug it off as a freak occurrence. Some people may not know how to follow their road sign, others may misinterpretation it. Continue reading

Astral Projection 03: Expectations


Hi to all,

I’ve had quite a bit of interest in the Astral Projection series so I have put aside my next post to continue with this one. The next part I would like to talk about is expectations. What happens once you get it right. Again I am just speaking from research here, though I did have what I think was a little bit of progress last night but we’ll get to that soon.

Where Am I?

Okay so you’re outside your body. The technique you use to get yourself out of your body may dictate where you become conscious. For example,  if you roll out you will be next to your body, if you float up, you will be above your body or if you will yourself out you will most likely be standing or floating somewhere near who or what you are concentrating on. There are so many of theses techniques and this seems to be the hardest part, getting out of your body, so I would like to do an entire post on it. We will just touch on it for now.

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Astral Projection 02: The Process


Hi to all,

Okay so we’ve decided that we would like to experience an astral projection. Well I have anyway and you’re here coming along for the ride. (If you aren’t you want to start here.) So like I said before I found myself some guided meditations, which was fun but I still didn’t know what I was doing. The relaxation factor was excellent, especially for someone who has problems with insomnia. But was I doing it right? Was I close? Should I change something? I didn’t know. So I started researching the subject online.

Travel or Projection

I found that the commonly recorded process for having lucid dreams was extremely similar to that of having an OBE or Outer Body Experience. I am still researching the subject/s and I will most likely rewrite this entire thing once I have had an OBE and can talk from experience. One of the interesting things I found out was that Astral Projection is not the only way to Astral Travel and that they weren’t the same thing like I originally had thought.

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Astral Projection 01: What’s the point?


Hi to all.

For those who have been following my blog you are most likely aware one of the things I am experimenting with is Astral projection. At the moment I am still in training stages and am expanding my consciousness so that I can have a successful astral projection. But why? Many people have many different reasons to want to experience an astral projection. But I think behind each reason is a longing to find their place in the universe.


I really would like to experience the Astral plane to know more about myself. To know myself without the influence of my physical body. To know my true potential in this universe with out the limitations of my physical self. Without my brain creating doubt and fear. Without hormones dictating my moods. To be the purest version of myself.  I certainly can’t deny the thought of being able to fly, and go anywhere in the universe that I like is something that makes Astral Projection very appealing. Continue reading

Pre-Lucid Dreams 01: The Dreamer


Hi to all,

I thought that I would be posting this a little further down the line as it has only been about a week since I started to seriously try to have lucid dreams. As a way of furthering my spiritual connection and knowledge and as away to find my true niche in life I have been using guided meditation to help with several things. First of all was to lift my vibration. This would help me to stay positive, happy and grateful at a very trying time of my life. The second was lucid dreaming. A way of exploring my consciousness and as a learning curve toward the third of my goals, Astral projection.

Am I Awake?

Yesterday I woke up around 5:30am and as usual when my son went back to sleep an hour and a half later I also went for a nap. I spent the hour and a half questioning if I was awake to get into the habit and to encourage me to automatically ask the question when dreaming. I had read that I should do this at regular intervals all day everyday for the desired effect. I kept forgetting, lol. But about an hour or so before I go to sleep each night I would remember and then begin doing it. I have a few favorite guided meditations that I have found on you tube that I play on my iPod when going to sleep. I started with this great one ~

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The Spiritual Journey Thus Far


Hi to all.

I’d like to start with a little of my history. Not my whole history. Don’t worry. Just where the bulk of my spiritual journey began. I will let you know know that although I have had extensive amounts of experience on this level, I am still in the very beginning stages of my exploration of my spirituality. I have got to tell you though, it’s kind of like exploring your sexuality. At first it’s scary and you’ve been brainwashed that it’s bad so you feel a bit bad about it. Then, you find your rhythm and realize it’s the most natural thing you have ever done.


I have regular contact with my spirit guide. She is a feminine energy named Gemini. At least that is what I call her and it seems she prefers. We met funnily enough on a ‘Psychic Circle’ Ouija board. At the time, I didn’t know what I was dealing with and the transition was so scary at one point I went into shock. At this time also my third eye opened for the first time. I was amazed at what this meant, but again I was in uncharted territory and it was scary. It was 1998 and I was 20 years old. Continue reading