Ascension 05: Going Digital


Hi to all,

I recently had a conversation on another website that started with a question. The question compared analog and digital to the spiritual and asked if it may be similar in a way that once you go from analog to digital, you loose information in the process. Information that may never be retrieved from the new digital version. Gone forever.

Higher Realm University

I recently prayed to my Guardians. I had heard that it was possible to learn or for lack of a better analogy Study in the higher realms. To be honest I had no idea what was learned there or how it all worked. I was sure that the higher realms would be a great place to be let alone the untold wisdom that could be learned there. So I asked. If it were possible I would like to visit the higher realms and learn straight from my guardians. I figured some sort of astral travel would be involved as I have seen lower realms this way. Continue reading