Sixth Sense 02: Abilities

sixthsense_02Hi to all,

I want to go into some of the abilities that can be opened up when we open our sixth chakra. This is my learning blog so I share what I learn and my experiences. This is a journey, and for me the journey will be different to others as yours will be different to mine. Some of the talents I am going to be learning about will be learned through experience and others will be theoretical. Seeing I have a pretty good source though, I figured I would share both. Especially because this blog is a kind of journal of my learning.

I made a list in my previous post in the sixth sense series of abilities that may become available to you when you open your third eye and start to reveal the truth of your larger self. The one that exist with or without your body. The one that may extend further into the universe than you could possibly imagine. The list at the moment looks like this: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathic Abilities, Telepathic abilities, Remote Viewing capabilities, Astral Projection, Lucid dreaming, Dream interpretation, Channeling Abilities, Sensory Perception, Precognition, Healing Abilities, Truth and Lie detection, Manifestation and Mediumship. Continue reading

Sixth Sense 01: Opening for Guides

lllguide_07Hi to all,

Today  I would like to talk about opening for contact with your guides. Whilst I have done a DIY For spirit guides that I highly recommend you read, I would like to concentrate on how you go from a closed off sixth sense to opening up your third eye.  Getting contact from your guides or more so recognizing contact from your guides, your guardians and the difference. Meditation is the best way to heighten your awareness. But which position is best for this?

Meditation Position

When you meditate the best position to take is the one that works for you. The most commonly used and effective are on your back with your arms by your side or gently resting on your stomach, this is my favorite. Then there are the seated positions, once you have researched a little you may want to choose a specific position but comfortably in a chair with hands in lap or cross legged on the floor. You can use meditative calming and focusing techniques through out the day in which you don’t need to be in any particular position. Continue reading

Spirit Guide 05: The Real Deal


Hi to all,

I’m back talking about spirit guides today. I have said before that I think that spirit guides are our best source of guidance in spiritual matters concerning our spiritual journey. My spirit guide Gemini has assured me that we all have a spirit guide and that in fact some of us have many. One however one will be your main guide.

Looking Down on you from Heaven

A lot of the time we can be guided by loved ones after they have passed on. They remain around us after they pass on to watch over us. They are not special they just love you. We all get the gift of free will and if you choose to help someone you love through their life from the spirit world you always have that option. If you consciously contact these guides and wish to check their authenticity then it is as easy as asking them things that only they would know. They will remember their past life, in fact they may remember all of them. Continue reading

Spirit Guide 04: Learning Curve

lllguide_03Hi to all,

When I first accepted Gemini and started working with her it wasn’t like it is now. I seemed to always be in some sort of ‘test’. She wouldn’t tell me anything and when I asked her things, more often than not she would reply simply by telling me to protect myself.  I will be honest with you. I was frustrated. I figured “What is the use of having a spirit guide if they only ever guide me in one thing. I know, I know, protect myself.” It was very much like the ‘Karate Kid’ movie, I realize now. That white light of protection became my ‘wax on, wax off’.

Free Will

At the time I had no idea that although she was here to guide me, Gemini was not allowed to give me information that may influence my decisions in any way. I had to find things on my own. I had to determine first what I believed. Gemini can only work with those truths that I had already chosen to believe myself. If I chose to believe something that wasn’t true, she could not tell me. At first, this very much sucked. I am grateful for it though because at times of doubt I knew that I was still in control of my life and that my spiritual journey was my own. Continue reading

Ascension 04: The Awakening


Hi to all,

It seems to me that there are a lot of things that can spark an awakening. Some are induced through spiritual or paranormal experiences like I had, some are near death experiences, some through suffering. All I know is that once you’ve had an awakening it seems that it will pull you along. It is a journey that will change you for the better and can be a wonderful journey, but I won’t candy coat it. If you are not ready for your awakening it will come as a great shock. Consciously choosing to awaken yourself to your higher energy, I can imagine will not be as bigger shock as to those such as myself that bungle through it not really knowing what an awakening is, or that I would like to have one.

The Calling

Before my awakening I felt that there was another side of life that I wanted to be open to but didn’t know how. I believed in the paranormal and the spirit world. I believed that human beings have talents that we haven’t evolved into yet, but I just didn’t know how to develop them. In other words I didn’t know what I was looking for was to awaken my spiritual self and If I had, I wouldn’t have know how to do it. I tried reading books but again I wasn’t really sure. I remember the first book on Astral Projection I got included rituals with symbols and you had to face in a specific direction. It was weird and I knew it was not what I was looking for.

If you have read much of my blog you will know that I started meddling with Ouija boards when I was young and my awakening started here. It has, however knocked at my door for over a decade waiting for me to acknowledge it and start the spiritual journey waiting for me. At this point I would like to say that now that I am ready and have recently  begun, it feels better than ever. Continue reading

Ouija 04: Relapse

lllouija_08Hi to all,

Okay, first of all the lead up. If you haven’t already read them you will want the first three installments [HERE], [HERE] & [HERE]. About ten years passed without any activity on the paranormal front. I still thought about it on occasion and wondered how I had become in control of it and whether it was still there. I would concentrate on it and when I could feel what ever was in my hand had found a direction, I would stop before it could move.

The Call

Then, I remember so distinctly, one day I was sitting at the Airport. I was on the way to play a gig interstate. I was drinking a coffee and watching the planes as they taxied across the tarmac. I rested my coffee on the counter where I was sitting and without even a thought from me it moved. “Why now?” I thought. I still don’t know. Continue reading

Ouija 03: The Aftermath

lllouija_04Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to read the start of the story [HERE] and [HERE]. Okay  Now this is where a few of my other posts also come into the time line. Strange things were happening like the [SPIRITS IN THE PICTURES] & [MEETING GEMINI]. At this point I tried the [SPIRITUAL CLEANSING] but this was not the only place that I went for help. I read books and even took a trip to my old ‘Born Again Christian Church’ hoping they could help rid me of what I had done.

What was it that I’d done? Well  at that point I didn’t know. All I knew was that my body wasn’t only mine. It tried to and was sometimes successful at moving with out me. I couldn’t leave my hands on cups and mugs or other light items such as paper as they would move with out my consent. I woke up in the middle of the night because my left hand was sliding across the bed without me. If this is scaring you, it should. Something other than myself was in my body and I had opened a doorway that I could not seem to shut. Continue reading

Meditation 02: Horse Angel

Hi to all,
The day before yesterday was a pretty big day for me spiritually and this will be the second post based on events that happened that day, the first being yesterday’s post on ‘Funny Energy’.

I was pleased to be able to take my morning nap again. My son has dropped down to a midday nap instead of a morning and afternoon nap, which means mummy doesn’t get to go back to bed. *Sad face. This cuts my meditation down to once a day as I usually don’t lay down in the middle of the day. Continue reading

Spirit Guide 03: Funny Energy

lllroots_01Hi to all,

llllaugh_03I was speaking with Gemini last night. We were speaking about a few things concerning raising my vibration. I started to express my gratitude for her, to her. I also began to compliment her. I felt some of the warmest feelings well inside me. It made me feel very good to express my love for her and I felt her love in return. She called me a friend and I was very touched by that as I love her very much but had always seen her as more of a teacher, which she is, but to know she also considered me a friend was lovely.


Now to give you a bit of a back story, Gemini chose the symbol Gemini to represent her, not because that is her name but because she has a partner. Her and her twin soul are two consciousnesses but share an energy body. They are joined in what is kind of like a non-physical marriage. Her partner is a male energy and I really don’t speak to him much, she told me that his role is that, that his consciousness searches for knowledge and she guides me.

Continue reading

Ouija 02: Escaping the board


Hi to all,

Okay, so if you’re just joining me you may want to read the lead up to this one [HERE]. Now it was happening the same way each time and although there was not a lot going on, on the board, it was enough to keep us interested, especially me. I hadn’t expected anything to happen for me on the board so I pushed to to see if we could get more. Gemini constantly blocked the board to stop anything from getting through. I had no Idea at the time that the “ghost” that she had spoken of was making consistent psychic attacks on me. The strong pull I felt toward using the board was caused also by this spirit’s strong desire to affect me.

Things could have gone so incredibly wrong here and I thought that they had. It started like a normal session only this day I had thought we had, had a break through. The disc had varied from the usual ‘Gemini’, ‘White’, ‘Blue’ responses. The disc slid to the word ‘Take’. A Psychic Circle has a lot more on it than a usual Ouija board including words, symbols and colors. When it rested on the word I started to feel vibrations going up my arm. I could feel that something was being given to me and it scared me quite a bit. My curiosity overrode that fear however and instead of taking my fingers off the disc I told what ever that had moved the disc and was offering these vibrations that I only want it if it was good and positive. It did not move. The vibrations continued. I repeated my conditions. Continue reading