How to stop negative thought

negative thoughts


An Easy way out of negative thoughts is distraction. When ever you catch your self having a negative emotion, distract yourself. Don’t go for the opposite thought however, if you are having worries about bills don’t tell yourself you are rich. At first don’t try to console yourself on the subject that is worrying you, as that will just activate your vibration on that subject right where it is, and you know that’s a negative place because it feels bad.

Instead try, counting backwards from 20, imagining each number in your head, do it a few times in a row for more effect, or try something equally ridiculous. It may not seem like you are making a big impact but when you have successfully distracted yourself, your vibration will shift to a better place. You will register this as a feeling that feels better than how you did before the distraction.

Just remember these processes are more like games, have fun with them, don’t take them too seriously. If a process doesn’t work for you remember this is why the base information is available through the video. THAT is the important stuff, buy learning that stuff you can come up with your own processes that work for you individually.


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Feel Good, Get More.

lllmeditation_02Hi to all,
Short message to day. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying their holidays.
How do you feel right now? This feeling is an indication of what you are manifesting right now. Be sure that you are going to experience more of what you are feeling right now. Finding ways to switch your mood up and allowing yourself to feel good is a good way to feel more of the good things. Now and in the future.

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Manifestation 05: Gratitude


Hi to all,

Our last post on Manifesting is on Gratitude. This one is a no brainer but such a huge part of the process, I could hardly leave it out. There is a statement that I have found to be as true as could be. That is. “Gratitude is the magnet for abundance.” Be grateful for even the smallest things, the most insignificant things and the undesirable things in our lives and we will attract good things. The energy going out here is equivalent to “I love, Blah” so guess what? We get more of the things we love. Constantly acknowledging what we love and enjoy gives us more of that, if we don’t enjoy or love it, we don’t acknowledge it. Continue reading

Manifestation 04: Energy

lllabundance_01Hi to all,

We have spoken about how manifesting is about energy not ‘things’. The law of attraction states that what energy we send into the universe, we will receive back to us. We have spoken about thoughts, sound and emotion in creating this energy that we want to send. But that is just it. For this purpose we are creating a specific energy that will attract us all the things we want with out effort.

Why is Everything so Easy for Them?

I know I have said this statement before. At one time or another we come across that person, that everything just falls in their lap. Everything is so easy for them they never seem to worry, always so happy. We automatically believe its a charade, but sometimes it’s not. Although we all have our down moments we can see that this person always has their needs met somehow. When we live life in complete joy, filled with love, having utter faith, the universe takes care of us. This is manifesting at it’s best.


At this point we barely have to ask for what we need and it is supplied, we only have to think what we need and it is there in a minimal amount of time. It is not just these extraordinary people that it happens to. I am sure there has been a point in your own life when you have been amazed at the things that have arrived after just a wishful thought.

Then why is it only certain things that this happens with and it’s not the really cool things? Because all of the cool things hold an element of fear for you. Fear that you won’t get it, fear it will take too long, fear you will get it and it won’t be as great as it seems, the list goes on. Things you care less about have a better chance of staying free of these fears and coming completely from a place of love. What this means is that there is certain things that while not bad, can hinder your chances rather than help them. It has a lot to do with your belief system.

Things that you may think are serving you but may be holding you back include, visualizing what you want in detail, thinking about the outcome you want constantly, thinking about how it may happen, planning for your outcome. Now these are all things that I thought would help to manifest what I wanted. For some these things may work. The thing is that for some of us that have been living in lack for so long these things are just reminding us of what we don’t have and the attached belief of never getting what we want tends to attach it self then to our energy.

Joy, Love and Faith

Concentrate more on living in that window of joy, love and faith. Try to get rid of fear in your life and let yourself instead always come from a place of joy and love. To do this we come back to our routine. Catch the negative feeling, find out what fear is driving it, assure yourself the opposite is true, then come into the moment by focusing on your breath. You may also find it helpful to do the abundance visualization, I have described before.

Focus on visualizing white sparkling light coming from God or the Universe down through your chakras and filling you up. This is the abundance that is poured on to you in the form of love right now. Let it make you feel good and trust it to manifest into the things that you want. At this point I must call attention to the old saying be careful what you wish for. Keep your desires as pure as you can or you might end up with some things that you’d rather not have had.

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Pure Love Is The Sweetest Thing

lllcupcakes_07Hi to all,

Today’s meme to go with the post about emotions in manifesting. Enjoy
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Manifestation 03: Emotion

lllcupcakes_06Hi to all,

Last post we touched on emotions in specific, love and fear of course being polar opposites. I think if I were to ask anybody at this point which do you think would be more useful for manifesting, I don’t think it would be hard to guess that love would be the answer. However a lot of us spend huge amounts of time in fear despite knowing this at a core level. I am no exception and have done way too much of this in the past. Now it’s time to stop though and not only feel love but use it as my motivation where fear used to be.  Yes again it is easier said than done but it’s a truckload easier than catching fleeting thoughts so be happy. This part is also very simple but we need to remember to do it.

Don’t be surprised or hard on yourself when you revert back to old habits but you must persist. any negative emotion is coming from a place of fear. Society often expects us to feel bad and apparently we are bad people if we don’t. If you had pure intentions there is never a reason to feel bad about your actions, if your intentions were bad then acknowledge feeling bad about it and move on changing your motivation in the future. Continue reading

Manifestation 02: Thought


Hi to all,

The second thing we are going to talk about in regards to manifestation is thought. Here we are talking about obviously your conscious thoughts but also your intent and visualizations. As I mentioned in the first post the meaning of the words are not important, the energy behind them, that they carry is most important. This is one of the main places they will get their energy from.

Thoughts themselves have their own energy. Thoughts can take on a life of their own and take over your mind until it is completely consumed by one thought in particular. But thoughts are most useful in manifesting because they have such a heavy influence on our emotions. The most powerful energy we as human beings can emit. The most powerful of those emotions is love at one end and fear at the other. I will get more into emotions in our next post but for now let’s see how we can use our thoughts to our advantage. Continue reading