Crystals 01: First New Babies

lllCrystals_01Hi to all,

A few days ago I bought some crystals. After a little research I though that I would give these guys a go. First a few tips I have learned about how to take care of them to enhance there vibrations. Basics are that Crystals are much more like plants than rocks. They have needs just as plants do. Like Plants, they love the sun and are recharged by it. Crystals also like to move around. Placing your crystals in one place and forgetting about them will produce less vibrations than they are capable of.

I have purchased four personal crystals and are using them in different ways. I talk to all of them because I am a lunitic. But I honestly believe that this is a great way to send positive vibrations to them which will enhance their vibrations send more positive vibrations back to me enhancing the vibrations I send to then, spiraling us upward. Nice and easy. I will tell you which ones I have bought why I have bought them and how I am using them. The common theme is abundance because like a lot of people the last few years have been hard financially.  With the manifesting techniques I have been using, this is to help us along.

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