I will be using this blog to connect with like minded spiritual people and create a community. I would like to state that here is to be a place of love and diversity. If you don’t believe in this sort of thing or have a negative opinion of the things we will talk about here please feel free to read but keep your comments polite. If you have opposing religious views feel free to discuss them however please keep them respectful at all times. No religion bashing please. The idea here is to share thoughts that make each other think and illuminate spiritual views and practices that may be of use to others. I myself am a spiritualist. I am not a religious person but respect peoples right to follow a religion. I will tell you more about me and what I’m doing in further posts. Until then,

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  1. Hello.

    I am a thirty two year old British person. I am currently residing in the UK. Age 27 I began to receive memories and telepathies from school.

    I’ve been informed that a bunch of people are watching a duplicate body in a school hall somewhere. Either way, I feel the presence of an audience. I’m being told that some kind of organisation or group of people are going to possess my body and commit some kind of crime. Either way I’m being told that someone is going to possess my body and that I will end up in jail. I’m being told that their intention is to break my spine. I’m being told their plans are to then torture me.

    I was a ‘surface level out’ I had no knowledge of such things. I’m being told that people are being tortured fro me to eat food until I leave the UK. Possibly until I get a job and move out of my parents house. These people have done a lot of nasty things.

    I don’t know know who to contact or if the contents of this mail can be intelligently interpreted. I know the contents sound far fetched. But if possible if someone who knows of such things could contact me that would be helpful.

    Please help.


    Tel (UK) 07407 618 398

    First name: Paul
    Last name: Meighan
    Email: psmeighan@live.co.uk
    Subscribe?: Yes
    Phone: 447407618398

    Address: 116 Bynghams
    City: Harlow
    Zip / Postal code: cm195nt
    State / Province: Essex
    Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


    • It’s worth knowing several things here.

      If those trying to possess you could do all that already, they would have already done so and not bothered with the preamble.

      These are fear tactics used to try and put someone into the state of mind that will leave them vulnerable.

      Nothing of this nature can happen without your permission on some level, and generally permission is given by giving into the fear.

      No being can posses another being unless they are of the same or similar vibrational level as the host.

      Best way to be not be the same is to be a being of love and light and let every thing you do reflect that. Let every thought and feeling flow from love rather than fear.

      Love has been trivialized in order to make people reject it out of hand, but it is the most potent force in the universe.

      If you feel something is going to happen that you don’t like, state: I do not choose that outcome and focus on your own protection coming from a place of love.

      Hope this helps.


      • Couldn’t have put it better myself Gary. Paul I have something bothering me right now and I can confirm free will is paramount. Learn deliberate thinking and listen to your emotions if a thought doesn’t feel good take the time to focus in the positive. Xx


  2. Nattietee,
    It is really nice to connect. I have written a memoir about my experiences, but it also includes some essays about concerns I’ve had in my life and I believe they could have a powerful impact on people’s understanding of one another and how we perceive God. I started to recognize that I was receiving very personal gifts and getting exactly what I needed as I made the decision to walk away from an abusive relationship, knowing I had to do it for my kids and facing the terror and immense sadness about the decision. I have had to continue to make some very difficult decisions and either my kids or I keep receiving gifts. In my decision to turn many of them into stories to relay my experiences, I realized that I am being given the gifts because I am a storyteller. My book is “finished” and I am in the process of looking for an editor (I have a writer friend reading it and we will be reviewing it after the 1st of the month) and moving forward towards getting it published.


    • Kudos to you for getting out of your bad relationship, as a child of an abusive relationship I say your children are going to be way better off for it. I am looking forward to reading some of your memoirs. Look after yourself. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. I am enjoying reading your blog. Its always great to come across a lovely blog, on a similar path to your own journey. Blessings.


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