How to Deal with Resistance



Finding resistance is the hardest part about dealing with resistance. The feeling of resistance is best caught when it is in it’s subtlest form. It feels like a lie, like although you know it may be true you still don’t believe it completely. but all negative emotion is formed from initial resistance. S if you start with something really obvious you can find it easier. once you know what it feels like you can then find it in it’s more subtler forms and catch it earlier and earlier.

First of all you have to get really honest about what you truly believe, therefore finding resistance is usually best done alone with no one around to judge you. When you find a negative emotion ask your self what you believe about the situation that is upsetting you. for example: I am jealous of my partner’s friends because I believe that I am missing out on my partners attention when they are spending time with friends.

Then you can see exactly how this thought is based in a lacking vibration and therefore causing you to feel and experience more lack in your life. Then you can turn to a thought that makes you feel a bit better about the subject like, I can find attention from many people and places, the attention I get from my partner is different and special. I am free to have other positive experiences in my life when my partner is hanging with their friends. There is no lack in the universe so I will always have attention as long as i am allowing it, I want my partner to be happy and having friends make them happy causing the time we are together to be of a better quality.

We could go on but I’m sure you get the point. You may even want to take out a journal and write all of the positive perspectives of the situation down so that you can return to them and reassure yourself when you get feeling jealous.

Write more as you feel better but start with stuff you believe first that you cannot deny and keep going until you hit that feeling of disbelief. Each day you will get further and further before you feel it.




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