How to be Free of anything

How to be free of anything


This process is good for shifting the mood, showing you how you can have control over your feelings and notice how much unnecessary power you give to conditions. When you are doing something, (I find driving an effective one) change the mental conditions of the moment and see how your emotions shifts.

So if you are driving to work, ask yourself how would I feel if I was driving to the airport to go on holidays, or how would I feel if I were driving to my loves house, or how would I feel if this drive ended with… what ever you really like. The physical driving experience is the same no matter where you are going. Same car, same steering wheel, wheel turns, brake in, brake out, etc. You get what I’m saying but how we feel about the drive is determined by what we think about the drive, what we believe about the destination.

You are doing the same thing you would be doing if you were going on your dream holiday and you are doing it now. A shift in perception can make all the difference. Now the conditions of the drive are no longer controlling your emotions, the conscious thoughts of your mind are.

You can try this with more than just driving. If you have other places you use it make sure and comment.

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