How to stop negative thought

negative thoughts


An Easy way out of negative thoughts is distraction. When ever you catch your self having a negative emotion, distract yourself. Don’t go for the opposite thought however, if you are having worries about bills don’t tell yourself you are rich. At first don’t try to console yourself on the subject that is worrying you, as that will just activate your vibration on that subject right where it is, and you know that’s a negative place because it feels bad.

Instead try, counting backwards from 20, imagining each number in your head, do it a few times in a row for more effect, or try something equally ridiculous. It may not seem like you are making a big impact but when you have successfully distracted yourself, your vibration will shift to a better place. You will register this as a feeling that feels better than how you did before the distraction.

Just remember these processes are more like games, have fun with them, don’t take them too seriously. If a process doesn’t work for you remember this is why the base information is available through the video. THAT is the important stuff, buy learning that stuff you can come up with your own processes that work for you individually.


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