How to get what you want

What you want


Becoming the frequency of what you want can sometimes be as easy as imagining you have it, but if your imagination is not good or you find you feel bad because it is not happening right now, there is a more comprehensive way to help your vibration emulate what you want.

First of all make a list of all the emotions you hope to have by obtaining what you want, then think of times past present or future that you have or will feel that emotion and why you liked it. You don’t have to do them all at once, you can do one emotion per day if you want but by the time you finish on your roll with that emotion you should feel a shift toward that emotion. The longer you do it the more you will feel the emotion. Because your emotion is your vibrational indicator, the shift in emotion is sign of a shift in vibration.

Just remember these processes are more like games, have fun with them, don’t take them too seriously. If a process doesn’t work for you remember this is why the base information is available through the video. THAT is the important stuff, buy learning that stuff you can come up with your own processes that work for you individually.

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