Manifestation 06: State of Allowing

llldigitalHi to all,

Do you have the guts to truly fly by the seat of your pants? Don’t be worried if you don’t. Though I would recommend it highly. I don’t mean that you should stop caring, only that you stop caring… wait, let me explain.

I Don’t Care

I mean don’t lose your sense of compassion, don’t stop desiring the best for yourself and others, but do stop caring how, when and why these things will happen. Stop caring if a situation will or won’t eventuate. What you want may come to you in a faster or better way than anticipated. If you allow it to happen and remain in joy. To do so, the short cut you are being given will get you there much faster. If you resist, your short-cut becomes a very painful long-cut.

Let go of preconceived notions of what will make you happy and just be happy. Know that although we don’t have the ability to tell if that job we really want could turn into the worst thing that ever happen to us or the job of our dreams. If we can get into or even stay in the “Flow” what’s best for us and what we want will always happen.

sixthsense_01Happy Gratitude

So how do we get into the “Flow” and how do we know when we are there. Well there may be some psychological blocks stopping you from getting there. I don’t say this to make things harder or kill your sense of hope. I tell you because when hose blocks are in place you may try so hard and never achieve this feeling. If this is the case you are most likely wasting your time reading this article. If you are ever going to benefit from anything written here you must realize that the feeling I am talking about is achievable by everyone. Unfortunately the people who will need and want this information the most will have never have had this feeling.

The important thing to remember is that what you are looking for is a feeling, it is not a thought. What ever thought gets you this feeling will allow you to get into a state of allowance which will bring all the great things you have manifested in your mind hurling toward you at great speeds. The feeling you are looking for is a happy gratitude feeling. It’s really just being at peace with what is, what has been and what will be. This sounds hard and complicated though. Who can possibly feel that at peace in the bumbling, rumbling energies that today’s society consists of.

Don’t Use The Force Luke!

The trick is when you are forgiving of your past, observant of your now and have faith in your future, you are there. But again too complicated. Trying to achieve this will likely put you in a place where you are trying to make this happen. Manifestation happens with a gentle touch, not a great shove. Applying force will take you further from your goal. Doing nothing will keep your goal the same distance away. The way to bring it closer is to allow it to come closer. forget past/present/future. Give yourself permission to be happy and let the things you already have be the excuse to feel happy.

Gratitude is a the trump card when manifesting and you can’t just tell yourself you are grateful you must feel it. The more intensely you feel it the more effective it will be. Forget what y7ou don’t have for the moment. Forget what you are trying to manifest. I know, I know every other “law of attraction” authority tells you to focus on what you want intently. The truth is it takes less than a millisecond to put an order into the universe. Getting clear is more a part of the mental process than it is part of the energetic process. Just remember: feeling of wanting = vibration of lack, Feeling of gratitude = vibration of abundance. lack will attract lack, abundance will attract abundance. Stay in the wanting only as long as it takes you to get clear on what you want. Then move to gratitude.

lllabundance_02What’s The Point

Understand that what you desire is always moving toward you. You just have to allow it to reach you by not getting in it’s way. What you do doesn’t matter so much as what you are attracting. With the right point of attraction you couldn’t stop what you want from coming to you even if you tried. Though as much as it moves toward you it will only reach you when you get into that state of allowance. I call it being in the “Flow” because you no longer feel like you are swimming up-stream and feel like you are easily floating along with the current, with no effort. The universe just seems to do all the work for you. By working more on your point of attraction and less on what you want or don’t have you make it easy to attract what you want.

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