Fear 01: Pitfalls

lllchakra_03Hi to all,

Fear is the opposite vibration to love. When we can live without fear it means we are living in complete love. This may feel like a feat but is very possible through self work. But what we need to do is have the guts to see our fear, face the pain and move through it in a self loving way. But how do we do this without becoming lost in our own pain?

The Process

Well, first of all we need to understand this is a process and the process can vary greatly for each of us. We understand the goal of this, that is the positive and wanted outcomes if doing this, however we also have to understand the pitfalls, so that when we reach them we know how to move through them quickly and not get caught up in self blame for falling into them. For this we need to understand they are normal and necessary to the process.

Knowing what they are before we get to them can be of great help but don’t just expect them. We want to line up with getting through them not line up with falling into them which is two different levels of vibration. To do this we need to know and be confident we know how to deal with them in an effective and time efficient manner. So today we are going to talk about these pitfalls, what they are and why we need them. And most of all we are going to talk about how to deal with them.


The first pitfall we need to deal with is RESISTANCE this is a very subtle form of fear and there for the most dangerous. Resistance is the same feeling as when you lie. You will feel like you are lying to yourself. So take a minute to tell yourself a belief or desire, like “I can make as much money as I want.” Are you lying? well the thing is that it is absolutely true, it is possible for you to make as much money as you want but you feel like you are lying anyway. This is because you have a subconscious belief that is in opposition to your conscious desire to have as much money as you want.

Subconscious beliefs are tricky because not only do we glide through life not even aware they are there most of the time, the subconscious mind is an repetition based program. When you hear, say or do something repetitiously your subconscious will take over so that your conscious mind is free to learn other things. When you have done something so many times successfully you no longer have to think about doing it, it comes “naturally” so to speak. You also do it faster once it is embedded in your subconscious because the subconscious works faster than the conscious mind.


This also becomes a problem when we understand that our thoughts are the handles of our vibration and play a major role in attracting our reality and if your subconscious is firing off thoughts faster than our conscious mind then our subconscious is going to create our reality for us. If we haven’t consciously constructed our subconscious in such a way that it supports our conscious mind then we a fighting a losing battle and keep repeating the same cycles over and over again.

However if the opposite is true and we do have subconscious beliefs that support our conscious decisions we find much greater success in achieving our conscious desires. Now we can see that this construct with in our brains is meant to help us but can just as easily work against us if we do not consciously control it. If subconscious is working against us however, we can reprogram it.


The next Pitfall we must be aware of is PAIN, a more obvious indication of hiding fears and limiting beliefs that are lurking with in our subconscious minds. We experience pain not so that we suffer. We experience pain so that we can learn. Pain is humanities greatest motivation. Without it we would arguably do nothing. We would have no reason to, as without pain there is no pleasure.

If we become completely comfortable, it doesn’t matter whether our growth has been met or not, we will most often stay in our comfort despite the fact it is not where we would like to be. If we are comfortable in our job we are much less likely to go out and find the job of our dreams. We may be unhappy but until we experience more pain than we can handle we will stay stationary. Locked in a position of fear of the unknown.

lllAstral projection_04Take a Look

When we have an effective method for looking at and dealing with pain we can discern what it is our pain is actually trying to say so that it may move on without scarring us. Emotional scaring is the result of pain that has been with us so long that is has become part of the subconscious program and pushes us to act without thinking or react on this pain. At this point it feels very much out of our control.

The hardest part is when we realize that we have been harboring these subconscious or core beliefs. The pain that they have been and are causing, along with the pain that created them is not only being carried with us and seems overwhelming, it has also become manifest in our physical lives, causing a reinforcement of these beliefs despite their often illogical nature. Breaking this pattern, these cycles often seems impossible. We feel like we are stumbling around in the dark trying to find a light switch we are not convinced exists.

The good news is, we can deal with this all by ourselves without spending thousands on therapy. But I will get into this in my next post and give you some ideas on how to become your own best therapist.

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