Redemption 01: Begininning of the End

llllight_01Hi to all,

Have you ever had a manipulative friend? A friend that when you realize that all they want to do is manipulate you they get angry and want to hurt you? Have you ever shared a body with that friend. No. Well I never thought I would be sitting here answering yes. This was not the beginning of the story. But it is the beginning of the end. The most juicy part if the story.

Who Are You?

For those of you who are familiar with my blog you will know who Gemini and Teepu are. Actually no you don’t. Scrap that. They, it seems are one in the same, or are they? What they are, what it is, I am trying to determine but also who am I. It seems my memories are coming flooding back. I would say they are the wrong ones but they are not. They can’t be, maybe I’m asking the wrong questions, looking for the wrong thing. Maybe the timing isn’t right. I get the feeling I have been hiding who I am from myself. Probably for very good reasons. Definitely for very good reasons if my memories are correct.

Who am I?

I remember at five, lying in my bed and having a very distinct thought. I remember thinking “Where was I before this? Before I was born, I mean I have only been here for such a short amount of time. I had to be somewhere. I couldn’t have just been made up just now.” Yes. I know a bizarre thing for a five year old to think, but I did. Now you know why this thought stuck with me all these years. I even remember racking my brain as hard as I could trying to remember where I had been before birth.

lllguide_09Thank you

Before I go any further, I really should also thank those in the spiritual realm who have protected me and help trigger these memories. And those in the physical realm who have helped and even tried to warn me. Problem is I have absolutely no fear of the spiritual or paranormal. Well maybe just a little. But much less that what is healthy. My last thank you goes to my spiritual attackers. Your attacks, your misguidance, and oppression has bought me here. Where is here I hear you ask? Strength, self power, Redemption. “Atrocity 2 Redemption.” Yes I have said this before. This is my concept. I feel that I am completing the cycle. As heavy as it is I feel positive about it. I feel that I will be free with personal power and knowledge that couldn’t have resulted without such a challenge.

Spiritual Power

At the moment I am in the middle of freeing and healing myself from this influence. I am lucky enough to have quite a bit of help, but Psychic helpers keep telling me I have great spiritual power. I sensed this too from early but I couldn’t seem to use it, well certainly not at will. I did however, notice I was very guided. I always seem to escape harms way just in time, I always seemed to know what I needed to know, when I needed to know it, to stay on a positive path. (Though at times I ignored it.) Now I feel like I am being lead into my own power. The only memories I have is universal information. Nothing on who I am, who they are or why on earth they would be doing this.

Am I possessed? No. Though something is having an influence on My Mind, My Physical Body, My Astral Body and is testing my Spirit. But oh how I’ve learned. Where do I start though? What story should come first? Perhaps the one where a channeling session turned into a three way argument. When all the illusions came crashing down. When I learned at least one, if there was in fact two, wanted to hurt me. But I will leave that for next time.

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