Ascension: Sacral Chakra

lllchakra_07Hi to all

Last night I decided to do a Chakral Cleansing. I did this because I feel that i have had some problems with the Sacral Chakra. This is the home of creativity, Sexuality and Procreation. people often get confused and assume that the Root Chakra is resonsible for sex etc. This is untrue. Despite being situated in the groin, being red and being called the ROOT chakra (ha ha) it actually has nothing to do with sex and is mainly concerned with rooting us to the earth.

The Sacral Chakra is in fact the culprit in libido drops, creativity blocks and sexual and reproductive health problems. A block in the Sacral Chakra can cause all these and more. I found this wonderful video that can help to open up the Sacral Chakra and if you are having problems with other chakras you will find videos in this series for the rest of the chakras. Now at first I was a little Skeptical as I am with any new technique or teacher. For me this was both.


I gave it a go with an objective mind. I did the exercises and I believe There was definitely some progress. I wouldn’t say that it instantly healed me. But I think, that the dream I had immediately afterwards, when going to sleep, was proof enough to me that my body was now aware, and onto the problem.

I dreamed that I went around to see a friend/relative who at the moment is pregnant. She wasn’t home. I went inside and left something for her. When I left, I saw her and her husband walking along the side of the road to go home. She was very upset and was crying. As The dream progressed on from this point I next found myself trying to find a gift for my mother.

The subjects contained with in the dream, tell me that these subjects have at least found their way into my sub-conscious. This is an important stop on the way to self healing. I believe that the human body is an amazing organism that is capable of interacting with the universe in such a way to make just about anything possible. Including the healing of it’s self on command. This does not mean that time is not involved and that more serious problems may need a more attention and time. just that at any one time we are well equipped for healing. The only thing that stops us is a mind set that will not believe.

This is the video that I used hope it is helpful to you.

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