Mechanics 01: The Spiritual Mechanic

lllAstral projection_06

Hi to all,

I have realized most recently that through my spiritual journey I seem to be very concerned with the mechanics behind what is working for me. It is not enough to just know it works I must know why it works. I like to line up with not just spiritual theories but with the scientific side of the spirituality that can help us to understand that life long question of “WHY?”. Our beliefs are all there to serve us and if it is a belief to us then some how it is helping us, even those beliefs that are also harming us.

The ones that resonate deep with in us that we know are true but seem to have no basis in this reality are often the ones that we sense are part of Universal truth but we cannot see how they are possible. I am not here to crush anyone’s beliefs, I am here to enforce them and encourage you to find beliefs that serve you the best and to continue to find them, update them, improve on them and understand them.

lllstairs_01Hammering Nails

Beliefs are tools. The thing is that, if we don’t know how to use these tools we spend a long time using them in ways that are not always optimal and so we perceive them as not working. If someone hands us a hammer and says “This will put those nails in to that wood for you.” and we’ve never seen a hammer before and we didn’t know how it worked, we would spend a lot of time, hitting our fingers, bending the nails, splitting the wood, and just missing the nail all together. Eventually even though we know that it is true that a hammer drives nails into wood, even though we see others doing it with ease, we would get frustrated we would think, “This isn’t working, I can’t do this, this is not for me.” and we give up.

However if someone were to give us the hammer and tell us, ” You hold it like this, you put the nail like this, you tap it a few times first then you take your other hand out of the the way, you keep your eye on the nail, then you hit it harder at this angle.” You’d be slamming those nails in, in no time. It’s one thing to believe in your heart that God is love. It is another thing to know how this is possible and what it means and how to make that work for you in your life.

Hope, Faith, Belief and Knowing

Having faith is a good thing. Faith starts as hope, it becomes faith but grows into belief which then turns into knowing. What you ‘know’ is your truth, what you accept as fact. This truth will differ for each of us. It is meant to facilitate growth with-in us and we learn as much or as little ‘truth’ as we need for that growth at any point of our journey. We have different versions of understanding this truth as each of us needs different things as a prerequisite, so that we can allow ourselves to have faith and turn that faith into belief then find a sense of knowing.

“Knowing” something allows us to act as if what we believe is fact. Then we attract the people, experiences and circumstances that enforce and become what we “know”. Having  the confidence to “know” something is, will allow us to create it, attract it, experience it, manifest it. Sometimes what we “know” allows us to manifest things we don’t want. If this is the case we then must look at what we “know” and ask is this the right tool for the job?

Hammer vs Saw

Up until now we may have been using our hammer and the nails may be going into our wood. What happens when we’ve finished hammering and we need to neaten up the edges? The hammer is just not doing the job. The hammer has not changed, it still does what it is meant to do, but for this job, a saw may be handier. If we don’t stop and assess what tool (belief) we are using we may be using the wrong tool for the job. It doesn’t mean the hammer is less handy or that we will never need it again, it just means that we have to re-assess our belief in relation to our current situation. The hammer didn’t change, but we did. Now we need a saw, but what type of saw do we need? We need to learn now how to use the saw, but by understanding what we are building and what we are trying to achieve, we are in a better position to learn which saw will help us the best and get the job done quickest and most effectively. These are the different ways of saying the same thing.

Version 2.0

Some may think, “God is love, it is written in a book that I respect to the utmost, I can have faith in this, I can believe this, I can know this.” for others, they may need a different approach. They may say, “I have research the vibration of energy and the vibration of unconditional love is the highest vibration possible and the fact that this vibration integrates most perfectly with our DNA tells me the Highest power (God) is love. This makes sense to me scientifically and so I can have faith in this, I can believe this, I can know this.” Neither is right or wrong, it is just that different people need different versions so they may allow themselves to believe what is universally true.


If we don’t believe a universal truth then we have not found an explanation that allows us to know it yet. However, deep down we wish it were true. We HOPE it is true. Maybe that hope has been crushed and we “know” it is not true. As a result, this is what we manifest instead, a reality without a higher power, without ultimate love, a reality where we have no control over ourselves and circumstances. This is why anyone trying to control other people will first crush any hope that they have. To them, hope is dangerous, hope grows into knowing and that knowing allows us to create what we want and control our experience, something they would prefer to do for us.

I am very interested in learning universal truth and I have found a very reliable way of uncovering it. A way that I believe a lot of people may use to facilitate the allowing of universal truth to enter into their knowing. This is my way of allowing and will not work for everyone but may make it easier for many. Take as much or as little as you need and understand that this is MY version of universal truth it is okay to find your own way and I mainly will be concerned with methods for you to find this truth for yourself which is why I believe it will be most helpful to many.

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Lots of love,



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