Astral Projection 09: Little Help

lllmoon_01Hi to All,
Some more progress on the Astral Projection/OBE front. Before I start though. I would like to say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting that much lately but I have had lots on my plate. I do have over the drafts ready to be written as I have heaps I want to share but time to put them out is being taken up by some other exciting projects at the moment.

Bed Time

Okay so, It’s bed time and I am not even thinking I will try an AP. I get just on the other side of sleep and I think I’m still awake for some strange reason and as I lie there I get a message. He is showing me to lift my left arm by showing me lifting my elbow a few times. Then I get a signal for me to lift my left arm with an urge to move it.

At this point I don’t understand why they are doing this. Then I see a vision. He grabs me by the arm and points up. I realize he wants me to try to Project. I think I am still awake. So I start to relax and with just the intent, Bang, I’m in the vibrations. I don’t question it , I just tell myself to quickly get out. I sit up and swear that I am still awake and have just moved my physical body. So I try to look back at my body, but it is too dark and for some reason there is a black patch in front of my vision. I fall back to the bed and go to try again but I fall asleep.

The next day I surmise that the reason I couldn’t see was a mixture of being in the dark and never having used my astral eyes before. Which made sense because I was trying to see better but I didn’t know how and I thought, “If I am astral, how do I see if there are no eyelids to open?”

lllJumpers_01Afternoon Nap

So a few days later I get the chance for an afternoon nap and decide to try again. I ask My Guides to help again and Lie down on the couch. Again I am just on the other side of sleep and I think I am still awake. I don’t remember what triggered them but I was still trying to project, when without warning, I hit vibration and I sit straight up. I swear I have moved my physical body at this stage so I lay back down and try again.

The vibrations hit again after no time at all and I sit up again I feel like I am using my physical body so I turn to look for my body to confirm if I am indeed out of my body. It is bright and daytime so I see the couch but am disappointed not to see my body.  In retrospect I should have tried a lucidity test, and maybe tried focusing on my hands or turning on a light. Seeing is not a problem, I just open my eyelids, Though I have to keep consciously doing it as I keep losing vision, but at the time I put it down to being tired and blinking too long.

False Start

I lie back down and the vibration is there in no time. I get up again and stand up, I go to walk away from the couch but my arms felt like they were being pulled behind my back. I honestly thought I was using my physical body and the pull was similar to when Gemini wants to use my arms. I thought it was her and even asked “What are you doing?” I didn’t get it. But I got no answer. Strange, as I usually always get a response. Little did I know I was not in my body, however Gemini still was in my body as she usually is. I couldn’t feel her because she wasn’t with me.

I lie back down once more. This time I figure that if I rise through the ceiling then I can be sure I am actually leaving my body. This time, I feel as if I am floating but I can’t float up. Then I “wake up” and instantly I know I have not physically left the couch even once.

lllAstral projection_03Explanations

But what had been happening? I couldn’t see my body because I was sure I was awake and didn’t expect to see it. I created the reality of it not being there. Then when I got up and my arms were pulled behind my back, I didn’t realize at the time but they were being pulled toward the couch or back to my physical body actually. The closer to are to your body the stronger this pull is apparently, I would assume this would be true from my experience.

Using your astral body takes time to break the belief pattern of what you are and aren’t capable of doing. I was still quite convinced I was physical so floating through the roof was not possible in my mind. I have no doubt that after doing this a few times I will start to realize I am out of my body when I am actually out of my body. Then I can start to break down the physical beliefs causing limitation of my astral body and be a little more adventurous.

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Lots of love,



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