Ascension 06: Chakras

lllchakra_05Hi to all,

In working with spirit, there were two things that I didn’t realize before I began that would be such major parts of advancing my spiritual growth. The first was meditation, the second was chakras. At some parts of the spiritual journey depending on what journey you are on, you may have no need to be consciously aware of your chakras. However I think that at some point in our multi-demensional lifetime, (which could span millions of earth years or more) we at least become aware of our energy centers. To become aware of them and to learn what they do and how to control and use them to benefit our own spiritual evolution is to consciously fast track our spiritual development.

lllchakra_087, the Magic Number?

So far the largest amount of chakras reported that I know of is 22. Whilst you may read that there are seven inside the body on the 3rd dimension, 8 above the head in the 4th dimension and 7 above them in the 5th dimension. I believe it is more logically 7 per dimension and the 22nd or 1st chakra rather, is an amalgamation of first and second dimension chakras about a foot below the soles of the feet, rooting us to the earth.

Whilst it seems that it is only needed to detect chakras up to two dimensions above us, this pattern is repeating and the number of dimensions, whilst not infinite is countless. There becomes a point in much higher dimensions when we find it necessary to blend all chakras into one, this allows us to deal with many chakras at once advancing our spiritual evolution many chakras at a time.


Vibration fast/high and low/slow has an impact on which chakras we can access. With out a high base vibration, higher chakras become difficult to access. The higher our vibration the easier it becomes. You may run into difficulties though if you are experiencing a rather low vibrational path at current but you managed to activate and open some fourth or fifth dimensional chakras previous to this incarnation. This would mean that you will not cope with the effects of this open chakra very well and may be completely unaware of it for most of your life. It may even scare you to acknowledge the consequences of having these chakras active. Raising your vibration for you how ever will be easier and result in you taking up a position that is in line with the learning you have experienced previous to this incarnation and you may continue your learning from there.

lllrainbow_01The Multidimensional Rainbow

With seven chakras, comes our seven colored rainbow. No two chakras are the same color and scientists believe that as human beings we can see approximately 1% of the entire possible spectrum. The colors of the chakras in the above dimensions can be described as colors we see that are close to them, but their true colors are not visible to the human eye. Their purpose is connected to abilities, knowledge and connections outside the seven we currently know. Though some descriptions can be read on the internet I have no personal experience or confirmation with all of their purposes so I will not comment.

Opening these higher chakras can be done in a similar way to opening your seven 3rd dimensional chakras but to properly access them and have the desired effect on them, you must meditate on these chakras once you have reached a higher vibrational state. This will reach you up into your higher self. You will find communication with beings of light, feelings of joy and love that are magnificent and a higher understanding of the universe.

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