Sixth Sense 08: Clairaudience

sixthsense_09Hi to all,

Today the sixth sense subject is clairaudience. This ability is so unknown that the word for it is sometimes not even available in corrective dictionaries with in programs. Sometimes writing about it the program will tell me the word doesn’t exist. Word or no word the ability sure exists. I should know I experience it almost every day.

Check Me in Doc

Okay, this is another one that can make you feel like you’re losing your mind. It seems the “Clair” triplets are all prone to really messing with you. (That is clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.) When you start hearing voices in your head you really do sign yourself up to a mental facility, and in 2005 that’s what I did. The truth is, hearing voices in your head doesn’t mean you’re crazy, but it sure can make you think your crazy and certainly turn you crazy.

lllchakra_01The Devil Made Me Do it

We’ve all heard stories about how crazy people hear voices in their head and they tell them to do awful and bad things. The truth is that depending on what frequency you are vibrating on is what influences you will pick up. Now, if you are hearing voices and you don’t want to, and they won’t stop. You are going to get pretty upset and down about it. This, however is the worst thing you can do. As your vibration drops you will hear communication from lower vibrational planes. This is why you may hear bad or terrible things that make you feel even worse, drop lower and hear worse things. You see the downward spiral.

The good news is that if you can concertinaing on vibrating at a higher level, and look at it as more of a blessing, you will hear much better things and even start hearing from beings of pure love. To do this though, you will need to at least understand what is happening to you. The confusion created by not understanding what is happening is probably the largest barrier to raising your vibration. I am here to tell you that if you have experienced this do not despair.

Huh Sonny. What was that?

What ever level you are vibrating at you will pick up sounds and words from that “plane” for the lack of a better description. That includes other living human beings. If you are of a similar vibration to another person it is possible to hear another’s thoughts. The first time this happened to me, this is how it happened and I don’t think I have heard the thoughts of another living human being since. Well,not that I know of and can prove.

When this happened for the first time, it was out of necessity, I was in danger and for the period of time that I was in danger,  which was months, my sixth sense was off the charts. The thing was, because I was not expecting to hear anything, that is, there is no indication a sentence is about to be heard, I will often miss the first word. Sometimes even more, where I know something was said but maybe only catch one word of an entire sentence.

I Hear Dead People

So there is the verbalized thoughts from a living persons head, there are the communications from entities that exist on non-physical planes, which leave one last question. What about dead people? Well yes. The vibration of the deceased energy will determine what level they are “on”. If your vibrations are similar you can hear them. you will find once you start to respond to what you hear, the word will get ’round so to speak and you will draw many looking for explanations and answers. Always deal with the ones when you are of high vibration as they will be the same. They will be pleasant and not offensive. They will also be more open to your words and advice.

Clearing the Chatter

Luckily for me this ability is not so strong to be intruding on my life at all times but does come so easily that I never really have to try. If you are experiencing audio overload and you can’t make it stop please check out my post on Closing and Control. Your corresponding chakra for this ability is the throat chakra. (This will make sense when you read the article.) You will find that if you want to tap into it, relax, turn off as much noise as possible and clear your mind. As you move toward the gateway of sleep you will hit a mind state that is receptive. If your third eye is already open you may see images at this point you may also start to hear communication. If you raise your vibration, and speak in your mind to your guide or guardian you may hear a pleasant response.

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4 thoughts on “Sixth Sense 08: Clairaudience

  1. Hello, I need your help, please.Whenever I open my third eye, I hear voices in my mind, and they stay with me for hours. I went to a psychiatrist and got on medication and scince I started medication the voices became repeating one or two words for many hours.They say to me “we wish you good health”,but I told them that if they leave me alone, then i’ll have good health.I kept begging them to stop talking in my mind but everytime I think a thought, I keep hearing them saying this sentence “we wish you good health”. Help please! I take my medication on seven pm but the voices come to me at six pm or sometimes seven pm and stay mith me until I go to sleep. I can’t stop taking medication because it’s dangerous to stop taking antipsychotic meditation on your own. I want to get rid of this medicine as it caused me to suffer so much because before taking medication I used not to suffer when hearing voices, but after I went to the psychiatrist and started taking medication, everytime I hear voices, I feel a great amount of suffering. Help me please.

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    • Sorry it’s taken so long I got behind on my notifications. Most of the problem with clairaudience is that we are conditioned to believe that hearing voices make us crazy or that it is a bad thing. You don’t care if you are in a room and someone is talking, so you don’t have to care if you are hearing from another set of frequencies. If you stop worrying about it so much it won’t bother you so much. I hear voices most of the time i just don’t care what they say. When it gets quiet and I am relaxed I will hear it more often. They obviously wish you no harm. The less you think about it the less you’ll hear it. I will recommend you hit up YouTube and search for Abraham Hicks. There is a plethora of information on how this stuff works.


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