Ascension 05: The Importance of Others

llldigitalHi to all.

Absolutely every one that we come into contact with in our lives has something to offer us in terms of growth and learning. They can teach us how we should act or how we shouldn’t, not to mention a whole other range of lessons including, humility, forgiveness, control of ourselves and letting go of others. Gratitude for these people and their lessons is the best start on how to determine what the lesson may be and how to apply it in your life.

Degrees of Separation

When I say everybody has something to offer I actually do mean everybody. You are learning from your family, your best friend, your acquaintances, your co-workers, the person who smiles at you on the train, the people you pass with out looking at on the street, the stranger who likes and comments on your post, the person who used the public bathroom before you and the list goes on. Even people we have never laid eyes on affect us. How they affect us is.. well.. up to us.


I see this every day in every possible way. There is a reason that a lot of people believe that the universe is out to get them or God hates them. Misinterpretation. Maybe the person going 20k’s under the speed limit was not meant to get you angry and make you late. Maybe he was meant to teach you patience and how to attract better circumstances when driving to work. I remember when I used to DJ weddings. I once got a gig wrong and realized way too late that I needed to be an hour and a half away and set up in 45 mins. Disaster! Well I thought so at first. When I called my boss to inform him of my mistake he was surprisingly calm. He told me of a short cut that would help and said that I should just get there when I could, not to speed or worry.

I remember the drive to the gig, I was surprisingly calm. I figured if my boss could be calm about it, there couldn’t be that much to worry about. Besides I couldn’t change it now. The interesting thing was what I attracted with my calm state of mind on the drive up. Did I arrive and start on time? Physically impossible. But here’s what did happen. When I arrived, The venue had not been informed when the DJ would start. They had put the house music on so the guests were not aware there was a DJ missing and the Bride and Groom were still getting photo’s done and hadn’t arrived yet. I set up and started and NO-ONE knew I was late. At the end of the gig the Bride drunkenly told me I was great and thanked me immensely for making it a great day (musically). This is how things work when we get the lesson, listen to the lesson and heed the lesson.

It is not easy to always interpret the lesson being given to you but this is your guide. Things are meant to be easy. The challenges are meant to be there. But if we learn from them we do not have to suffer from them. My boss helped to teach me a valuable lesson that day that I wish I could say I heeded every time after, but have not.


This is a hard one, not every lesson that others teach us is played out by the time they leave our life. They may have been totally forgotten about by the time the reward for positive attitude is realized. Most people that are with a person they love, can tell you of at least one negative thing that happened to them, that with out which their partnership would not have happened. This is where a little faith can go along way. When you know you are doing the right thing, because you have in all good conscience not suffered by  negativity. You must then have faith it will play out in the positive way expected and the way in which it has in the past. If more negativity follows you should look at what you are attracting.

lllAstral projection_04Unknown Teachers

Like I mentioned in the beginning, some people that help to teach us lessons are people we may have never laid eyes on, before, ever again or at all. So how do they help. The person who smiles at you on the train, may just give you the positive lift you needed for a great day, teaching you the importance of a smile, no matter who is the recipient. The person who cuts you off in traffic and you whole-heartedly wish them a wonderful day, just to find you have a wonderful week. They are coming from everywhere and they are here to make our lives easier not harder. Be grateful for the challenges presented by others, they are trying to teach you how to attract the things you want, whether they know it or not.
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2 thoughts on “Ascension 05: The Importance of Others

  1. I grapple with this because I have learned the lessons but feel I am moving into a “teacher” or “researcher” role. So I am given different events presented in such a way that I can relay them later. And in my role as a teacher, I am presented with “Students” that bring this stuff to me. I don’t let it enter me anymore, but I am compelled to write or document about the things in my life that happened and how I overcame them.

    My lesson now is about giving up control over the way people view me, see me or talk about me. Thank you!


    • Teaching is learning and learning is teaching. When I try to teach I inevitably end up learning more than I teach, from myself and/or the student. 😀

      Where can I read about these stories?


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