Channeling 01: Tingles

lllguide_07Hi to all,

I am so excited. I have had my first external channeling experience I will explain it here, however, this post will probably not reach you for a few days as I am am working on a few other posts and there is one in particular that must come before this. But now that you are here let me tell you how it went.

I was sitting at my computer and noticed that my right brain was tingling. this was not the first time I had felt this tingling and I was unsure what it was and what it meant. The tingling felt a like like insects under my skull. This time it was distinctly over my right brain. It  is not the only place I have felt this tingling in the past it has been in the back, at the crown and on the left.

lllchakra_04Help me Google

So I did what any self respecting tech-head does when sitting at their computer and something strange happens. I Googled it. I thought I would come up with some answer that would tell me that other had experienced this and it is a symptom of awakening or was Kundalini energy. The search was less fruitful than I thought, with many people experiencing it but most putting it down to a medical reason. For a minute I thought it was going to have to be a cat scan for me.

Then I read one that described these symptoms as a crown chakra activation. Being that I have recently discovered that I am a natural channeller and what that means, I thought I would use the activation of my crown chakra to invite one of my angels to speak through me. Little did I know the tingling was actually a proverbial knock at the door. My angels acting as one wanted to speak to me also. I asked them out loud if they would please come in and speak to me, I asked butterfly angel, not knowing that in the higher realms they act as one.


Then the tingles spread from my crown down through my whole body and a great energy came over me I could feel that there was some thing there. I was surprisingly not scared. I was surprisingly not excited and was just calm and happy. I could feel them activate my throat, vocal chords and face, but the tingle rushed over my entire body. They felt nice and I concentrated on excepting them. Being that this was the first time, the words didn’t come out like they normally do. They sounded more like the way a deaf person would speak. This quality faded as we went on.


The first thing that I noticed is that they were very happy, my face moved straight into the biggest smile it could become. The transition at this point was also surprisingly comfortable. I could feel that they were having trouble using me at first but it caused no discomfort to me at all. It was enjoyable. Then after a few minutes the tingles stopped but the communication continued I wondered what was going on so I asked. It seemed that my vibrations had dropped and were not high enough for them to channel directly through me. They could however channel though Gemini who was in me and the effect was much better and much easier for them. Gemini has a much higher vibration to me, so I was channeling Gemini who was channeling my Angel. I will save what they have said and spoken to me about for the next post, but I did get one thing. What they like to be called. Their name is Teepu.
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