Sixth Sense 06: Closing and Control

sixthsense_07Hi to all,

Okay in my last post I had Gary my guest blogger talking about Empathic abilities. He made a good point in recommending that if you are having problems with your Empathic Abilities that you should learn how to close your Brow Chakra. Doing this is something that it is good to learn so I thought today I will touch on that subject. This is something that I also have trouble with. I have many abilities that I have come across but I always have trouble in controlling and developing these abilities.


The first thing that we must do is again with our meditation, meditate on our chakras and just the way that we would open them we will do the opposite to close them. When you open your Chakras you imagine a flower opening or a light activating, you do the opposite to close them sometimes it can be hard to keep them close and you will have to use this visualization many times. When you are relaxed and in a meditative state visualize all of your Chakras if they are open they will be represented by open flowers or bright lights they maybe their colors or they may just be white.

You can use any visualization that you feel appropriately represents your open Chakras. If you are working with the visualization of open flowers you will then imagine closing the flower where you would find your brow Chakra. If it is colored it will be indigo. Use visualizing techniques when you use your abilities this will help you to control them. You can use visualization is such as a white light surrounding you. Practice controlling the flow of energy and light through your body notice how affects your ability. By taking notice of how the energy affects your ability you can know how to run the energy through your body so that it gives you the desired effect.


To cleanse your chakras and gain control of your abilities you can use the visualization of a white light. Imagine a white light, lighting up your brow Chakra and concentrate on it. Each person will be different but it may take one or very many sessions to cleanse your Chakra and to start it developing and activating correctly. Practice turning your Chakras on and off, open and closed when you meditate this will help you to gain control of them. Continue to do these things to help you learn to close and control your abilities.

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