5 thoughts on “Pre-Lucid Dreams 02: False Awakening

    • It’s so easy to keep forgetting. I do too. When I have these dreams I am surprised that I even get to this point too. I guess it is just the subconscious desire helping me here. That’s why I think I don’t become lucid. My subconscious tries to make me lucid but my conscious mind keeps rejecting it.


        • I tried to start a dream diary and that’s when I had my first pre-lucid dream, the second dream in it was that one. But I found it hard to keep one too. I have always analyzed my dreams and made a point of recalling them, so my dream recall is pretty good. Although I think it would speed things up, it’s a pain in the… neck. Esp when you’re supposed to write in it before you get out of bed and I am usually forced out of my bed by a crying toddler every morning. lol


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