Meditation 07: Quiet the Mind

lllmeditation_02Hi to all,

Today I’d like to continue with an update on the Meditation series. If you have been following the blog, you will know that I have started meditating in the last few months. I use Binaral Beats and Isochronic Tones to help me reach desired mind states and guided meditation to help me focus on the intended purpose of the meditation. I have now decided that I would like to seriously start using meditation to completely clear my mind. Easier said than done, so I looked up some hints and tips to help me with clearing my mind.


I have found that when ever I am trying to clear my mind I realized that there were actually three parts to this process. When you clear your conscious mind you start to hear chatter from your subconscious mind, My clairaudient ear also start to pick up on things and there is chatter there also. I have found myself trying to wade through three different levels of silence. The key to all of them is a passive mind. Hard for me to do right now but something I am practicing. What this means is that to stop your conscious mind you must relax your mind. If you start to think then relax as soon as you notice and stop.

lllunderwater_03Then you will hear your subconscious mind. The thoughts that you don’t control directly and are a result of years of programming. Staying at this level can help you to identify your true belief system and find the things you may want to change and reprogram. Staying here is not always easy though. It will trigger your conscious mind. “Why did I think that?” “Wow that explains so much.” and thoughts as such will kick you back into the conscious mind and your conscious mind will run with those thoughts if you let it.

The same can happen if your clairaudient ear is open. I haven’t learn to shut it off yet so what happens is I start hearing external voices that seem unaware that I am listening. Again this can kick me back into the conscious mind. “Was that me or not?” “Where did that come from?” and thoughts as such can give the conscious mind the bone it needs to run away with you. Again the idea in both situations is to relax your mind so that when these things happen you observe them and let them pass. You do not pass any judgement on them which will stop you from having thoughts about them. This is what I mean by a passive mind.

To help you keep a clear and passive mind, you can focus on your breathing. Do not change the way you are breathing just notice it. Another tip to help keep the mind still is to keep your eyes still. When you think you automatically move your eyes, keeping them still can help to still your mind.

The Manual

It is easier said than done and I am still only in the very initial stages. However I hope I have given some helpful insight into what we are doing here and how it can be achieved. When I read all of the articles and watch all of the videos they speak about clearing your mind, but there is not guide in getting passed the major hurdles. If you can afford and find a good teacher I imagine it would speed up your progress substantially. If you have the time and patience you can work on contacting your guide first and then they can give you personal advice. I recommend this as the best way. helping for you to learn quickly and stay on your true spiritual path.

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4 thoughts on “Meditation 07: Quiet the Mind

  1. Thank you for this post, I have wondered about meditation but have never really tried to master it. I deal with a lot of chatter on a daily basis and some of the thoughts surprise and upset me to the point where I have been self medicating with everything from alcohol to mind numbing television. However, no matter what I do the stress level remains high and the cycle continues. Is it possible that I am hearing chatter that is manifesting from something outside myself, and if so, will meditation help to stop or at least control it?


    • Hi Patti, the key is not to judge your thoughts. If you by default always go to the worst case scenario, this is due to conditioning into a false belief that worrying about something can help. You may be feeling influences from outside yourself. In this case you need to raise your vibration. I haven’t written about it yet but there are many helpful articles on the net that can help you do this, also check YouTube. You can only feel influences that are a match to your vibration. Everything in your life is there because it matches your vibration and you have attracted it there. To know this is to put yourself back in control. Before you start to try quieting your mind just try preoccupying it first. Quieting the mind is harder than it sounds you must train your mind. Start by spending as long as you can focused on a positive thought. Visualize it. Feel it. Make it real to you. Also you may want to try moving meditation that can help for certain types of people. Sometimes movement can keep the body busy and the mind get sucked in and focus on the activity. You can find more out there on this also. I hope this has helped.


      • Thank you so much for all these good ideas, now I feel I have a definite starting point, I will do some homework and am already hopeful that finding some peace of mind will be possible 🙂


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