Sixth Sense 05: Empathic Abilities

sixthsense_06Hi to all,

I would like to thank my Guest blogger, Gary from Psychic Empaths  for taking time out of his holidays to do this post for me. Whilst I know a little about Empaths, all I know is due to Gary and all he knows is due to experience, which is a lot. I would also like to thank his Guide who helped us out in writing this post also. My Gratitude is great. If you would like to know more about Empathic abilities you can also visit Psi-Zone.

Thanks to Nattie for the offer of doing a guest post on the subject of Empaths.
I thought that it would be appropriate for her blog to ask my guide about the subject of being an Empath. I thank him for being here. Let us begin.

What exactly is an Empath?

Everyone has a level of empathy, in spite of the fact not everyone enables it. (We do contain everything already within us, but we certainly don’t manifest it all.) An Empath is one who is able to connect to the feeling of others and feel their emotions as though they were their own.
Empaths tend to be different to the general populace because they are much more attuned to emotional energies.

You might consider it akin to telepathy. While being telepathic means you can pick up on other people’s thoughts, being an Empath means you can pick up on other people’s feelings.

yoga_02So what makes someone an Empath? Is it random, or are there certain types of people?

Some are natural Empaths and are born that way. In those instances, it’s a choice before you are born. It’s a skill that you deem needed in order to achieve your life’s mission and complete the goals you’ve set for yourself. Not always a good thing to be born that way, though, unless you have parents who understand what is going on. Unless the child is also self-aware, they can well experience a life of trauma and hell, as they will not understand what is really going on.

The most common cause of being an Empath is childhood trauma. If the person has lived in a dangerous or abusive situation, they will learn to develop ways to detect danger. One of those ways is be sensitive to what moods other people are in. If they sense a bad or dangerous mood, they will know enough to make themselves scarce. Most Empaths are created through circumstance, though being one is never random. The person has chosen this way in order to awaken.

Surely there must be an easier way to do this?

At this point of this history, not really. There will come a time when empathy is understood, and the parents will know exactly what needs to be done, but that may be in the next generation or two. For now, people are just starting to discover what it is and what to do about it.

So, where does the ability come from?

That would be the third eye chakra. There is also the solar plexus and heart chakra, too, but the third eye is where most of our psychic abilities originate from. The high level Empath (that is, a very sensitive Empath) tends to be very open to energies, feelings and emotions because their chakras are open more than they should be. While all chakras should be somewhat open and balanced, it’s more than possible for them to be too open, and thus let in the flow of too much energies.

Being aware of this, and knowing how to close the chakras to the point where they are correctly balanced is a skill well worth having. The simple act of closing the third eye can have a dramatic effect on how an Empath will cope with what is going on around them. Shock can also close down the chakras, especially if they have been way too open. However, this is not a good way for this to occur, as they can become frozen in place, and healing will need to be done to restore normal functionality.

sixthsense_14Would you suggest any tips for controlling your empathy?

Always be aware of your own feelings and emotions. Know where you begin and end. Setting boundaries is also very important. Too many Empaths allow others to control and dominate them regardless of what they desire. Mostly they do this in order to keep the peace, though it rarely works. All what happens is that the Empath feels like they are walking on eggshells all the time, and are generally abused and taken advantage of by others.

This is a very unhealthy state of being, and will generally lead to anger, resentment and many illnesses and dis-eases. The phrase: Stand in your own power, though overused, is also very appropriate. Defining your boundaries and not allowing others to compromise them is very important. Ask yourself, what you are really trying to accomplish by trying to keep the peace and make others happy at the expense of your own happiness?

If you feel that things will change if you keep on doing this long enough, then you will find that it will be the exception, rather than the rule, and such changes are brought on by life circumstances rather than continuing on with the current patterns of behaviour. In any case, do you really want such people in your life? Do you really feel that you have no other choice? Most people don’t want to risk upsetting others because they feel that they will lose something they need to survive.

In actual fact, they are losing themselves by doing this. Life will always provide a way for people to escape and move on from their current situation. Fear is what keeps people frozen in place and in a life of misery.

I always recommend that people use Bach Flower Remedies to cope with being an Empath. I consider them an Empath’s best friend.

They certainly are useful for helping the Empath to cope. They work on the levels that an Empath does, and this makes them very useful.  The Bach Flower Remedies work on the vibrational and emotional levels, which is the same levels as the empathic abilities. If a link is out of synchronization, due to something like trauma, it can take many years of therapy to restore it to where it should be at, assuming that the therapist knows what they are doing.

The Bach Flower Remedies can achieve this in a greatly reduced time. My observations are that more you take them, the quicker the results. To begin with, they seem to take days or weeks, but eventually the results can be immediate. That’s more a matter of taking the correct ones in the correct sequence. But yes, certainly they can bring swift healing.

Thank you so much again Gary and Guide.

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12 thoughts on “Sixth Sense 05: Empathic Abilities

  1. I was born an empath and had a very rough childhood growing up as nobody knew of my abilities. However, it wasn’t necessarily bad as it strengthened me for adulthood as opposed to becoming hyper sensitive and easily hurt or offended. Discerning what I should be feeling and what it coming from others helps tremendously.


  2. I’m really glad i stumbled upon this. I’ve always been a very empathetic, and sensitive person. For as long as i can remember, i’ve always been able to sense, and feel others emotions. Metaphorically by “placing myself in their shoes”. Ive even had teachers, and complete strangers notice this. Unlike some people however, i couldn’t and still can’t control it. I can also tell when someone is faking an emotion, and sometimes just having someone walk into the room can change my mood drastically. I honestly really hate it.. I used to volunteer and try so hard to help everyone but its taken such a toll on me that now that i rarely even leave the house and spend most of my time alone. I know it often seems ridiculous to others, but i even try avoiding the news because it can be unbearable at times and I’m also vegan because i cant stand the thought of hurting anyone.


    • Hi Zoe. This phenomenon is more common than people think. First of all your first instinct may be to try to protect yourself from these energies, understand that putting up protection will only attract more things for you to protect yourself from. The key is strengthening. Your own energy so they don’t pull you down you pull them up. Take note of the added information you have, it can be advantageous at times though you may not be able to explain to others how you know these things. Practice heathy boundaries. Saying no is okay. You can only help when you have the energy to. Think of it less as saying no to them and more of saying yes to yourself. Also understand you can’t help anyone who won’t help them self. The only one with the power to change a person is that person. To recharge, get into nature. Get as far from civilisation you can as often as you can. Carry things that hold a strong vibration such as crystals and meditate often. These things will strengthen your energy. I hope this helps.



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  6. Thank you for writing this up. It is something that I struggle to control and it causes so much trouble for me. I will give the Bach Flower Remedy a go.


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