Sixth Sense 04: Telepathy

sixthsense_05Hi to all,

Today I would like to talk about telepathy. This concept is a widely popular one. However, not many people experience or fully understand it. The most popular misconception is that it is sending words without speaking. This may be a part of it, but is barely the tip of the iceberg. If you have ever wanted someone to contact you because you couldn’t get in touch with them then you have probably sent a telepathic message without even knowing it. How can that be? Well, we’ll get into that in a little while.


The first thing that we need to know about telepathy is that there are two channels so to speak. Sending and receiving. Just because you are a talented sender doesn’t make you automatically good at receiving an vise versa. For telepathy to be successful we need both a receiver and a sender. You can be good at both but usually one will be stronger than the other to start with. If you are a talented sender you may never know it as if you are not dealing with active receivers, no one may ever tell you they received one of your messages. None may ever know. If this is the case then you may want to refer back to our previous scenario.

You really need to contact your partner and their phone is switched off, or they are out of reception area. After a little while they call you from another phone with the reasoning that sounds something like; “I just realized my phone is off and I thought I should call you,” If the message is a bit stronger “I just wanted to say I love you” or if you’re coming through really strong, “I couldn’t stop thinking of you.”They are receiving your message with out knowing that’s what is happening.

If you know that you are sending and know how you are doing it, you may control the format of your message. You may want to send a picture a voiced message a visual word or a feeling. It will usually be up to what you are best at and most comfortable sending, but if you are decent at sending all formats, you may want to choose how you send your message.

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So why doesn’t it always work? Well there are two main reasons. The first is that your target is not in a receptive state. If the target is more naturally a sender they may often have trouble receiving. A natural receiver may be completely unaware of these abilities and may ignore them, they may also not be in a receptive state such as engrossed in a movie or concentrating hard on another task. The other reason is that something is interfering with your signal. Moods and emotions can often do this, different moods will affect your ability to receive or send. Each person will be affected differently too, for one a peaceful state may help to send, for another it may be a distressed state. This concept applies also for receivers. What you should know is that once you have identified what is happening or what is going on, you will only be able to control it but clearing your mind, relaxing and focusing. Your natural reaction method may not be they way to control such an ability.


Now I am naturally a receiver so I can give you a bit more information here. How you receive your messages will depend on your other strong points and also if you have an accomplished sender they may prefer a specific medium. You may receive your messages via way of sounds, visions or feelings. There are also a few ways to receive the three. With feelings, you may be prone to emotions or touch. You may feel sad or feel a tap on your shoulder. This is different to being an empath in that an empath can receive emotions strongly regardless of the sender. The sender may not necessarily be human or physical either. There is no need to have a message sent to feel the emotions of another. You could argue it is a really clear reception channel. But for now they are defined separately.

This is also the case with clairvoyance and clairaudience in relation to telepathy. Telepathy is specific exchange of communication between two human beings. If you are picking up images from your cat you may be erring on the side of clairvoyance, I doubt it has a strong sending ability. When receiving images you may receive them in three ways. You may see images of physical things or you may see energy, i.e. color and light or you may see words and/or numbers. Telepathy is more likely to come in the form of a visual things, words and numbers.

Although you are receiving energy in any case you will be less likely to see the energy, this will be more common in your clairvoyant experiences. Your visions may be; still, moving, a number, a word, a letter, in color, in black and white, dominant in one color, only when you close your eyes, only when your eyes are open or both.  This may also be confused with remote viewing. This is not a message sent but your consciousness leaving your body seeing what is happening in another space or time.


Now I know a little more about receiving than I do sending. I will start with sending though as I have had a little bit of coaching in this area. At first you want to find your self an active receiver someone who is capable of picking up your messages and telling you what they are. If you don’t know anyone who is already doing that then try some one who would like to develop their receiving abilities. Try first just to transmit a broad emotion, try humor at first. I have tried this with Gemini. Feel how it feels when you laugh, keep that feeling inside, then think of the person you want to send to, a name a face a feeling of that person, what ever works for you. While concentrating on them send the energy outward. The Feeling will not diminish in intensity by being sent out. How ever there should be an increase in intensity when your message is received. Like when you actually share a joke.

Receiving is something I do more naturally. I would in this case recommend you find out where your strongest receiver is first. Feeling, visual, audio. You will probably find if your strength is visual you have had visions before audio will have heard things before and feelings would have felt things before. Pure telepathy is feelings as without reference to the physical world there is no physical things or words to translate. This is how Gemini and myself communicate. However when I am lying down on the couch of a morning half asleep and my son wants something, sometimes I will see a picture; toast, his pacifier, and I know. This usually happens because my eyes are closed and he has failed to get my attention as I am unsure what he wants. If you are unsure how to receive, try some meditation. Try some exercises from Anna Sayce  and Sqidoo and Wingmakers.

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6 thoughts on “Sixth Sense 04: Telepathy

    • Yes. Telepathy is one of the Sixth Senses as I call them. These are just like our five normal senses But allow us to perceive and act in other dimensions. We use our five senses in the 3d to perceive and act in the 3rd Dimension. Other senses allow us to do the same in other dimensions. Usually the 4th as it is the next dimension up and the one we are heading into. Hope this helps. Love and Light.


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