Sixth Sense 03: Astral Projection

sixthsense_04Hi to all

We have been talking about what can happen when your third eye chakra opens and becomes active. For all it is different but there are some things that I have witnessed and experienced that can accompany as an effect of this action. Abilities , that if you are not aware of can make you think you are alone, crazy, losing your mind and can have affect you in ways such as depression and anxiety. Whilst understanding that these are a consequence of your newly awakening consciousness can make you feel a little more relaxed and accepting of what is happening to you and help you to start your journey.

I must proclaim, do not do anything you are not comfortable with. You may become more comfortable with it in the future but if you are not comfortable with it now, then it is not the time to do it. If you never become comfortable with it then it just may not be part of your path. I would like to start with astral projection because this is a subject we have already covered in different aspects in other posts and something I have spent a fair amount of time researching and practicing.

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is leaving the physical body by means of astral body or consciousness. I will not go into the debate as to whether it is real, or if you actually leave you body as it feels that you do. I will assume for this post that we are speaking of AP in the classic sense and what I have experienced and learned about is something that you are open to. If you are not open to this concept this is fine. Please stop reading now, this post is not for you. In an Astral Projection you will travel out of your body, being able to transcend space, time and even dimension.

lllearth_02Where am I?

The travel will take place on one of many astral or non-physical realities/realms or levels, which ever term suits you. From what I have learn at this point there are realms that are classed as higher than us and realms that are classed as lower than us. Higher realms are occupied by beings of higher vibration and centered toward love. Being of high vibration yourself, that is centered on love you will likely exit on to one of these planes.  You can tell they are higher by the feeling of well being they create, they appear to be full of light and the mind’s interpretation of them will be beautiful in a natural sense.

I cannot tell you how many there are but the higher they get the higher your vibration must be to visit them. The likely hood that you will reach a vibration so high that you hit the top realm whilst in a human experience is very unlikely. That being said higher planes are extremely enjoyable. The further you get from your own plane the harder it will be to remember the experience or become lucid during it. However that doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t happen if you focus on that outcome though.

Lower realms are darker and will feel uneasy and the mind’s interpretation of them will be uglier. Here is where you can run into some darker beings that will not have your best interests in mind. Visualize light around yourself no matter what plane you are visiting and try to enter the astral planes in a high vibrational state. This will attract you high vibrational beings of love, that is if you  encounter any beings at all.  You may, in this state be able to see past the minds interpretation of the realm and see it for what it is, vibration and energy, that appears as light and colors. Being that most of my trips are non-lucid I tend to interpret with my mind and have not experienced this yet.

You can leave your physical body in your astral/light/energy body also known as a double, any term is suffice. But what we are referring to is all the same thing, a body that acts as a vehicle for your astral experience. Or maybe you will leave in your consciousness. This experience seems to have no awareness of any body, you are just there.


At first getting out of your body, or just becoming lucid during an OBE or Astral projection may be hard. This is still where I am at the moment and if it is not a talent of yours then it may take a while. Any where from 6 months to a few years, depending on your dedication. However, with a little practice and a bit of time you can learn to get out of your body and be lucid. Once this happens for the first time you may not have full control of your astral body. Some of your movement may be limited. If this is the case, then again with experience you will find a larger range of motions. The longer you do it for also the further you will be able to travel from your body also the wider amount of perks of AP you will be able to take advantage of such as time travel, space travel and dimensional travel. If I find any more useful information on how to develop this ability then I will post it, but for now, exercise of the astral body and consciousness is the best way I know of to move your progress further. Practicing AP’s every night or for a long amount of time will also have an effect on how well you can project.

What Now?

Once you are able to astrally project how can and should it be used? First of all just because Astral Projection makes something possible doesn’t mean that it is moral to do it. Respect others’ rights and respect yourself. Do: Visit a love one who has passed over, Check the well being of living loved one, send loving or healing energy to anyone, visit past lives, visit future lives, visit other planets, other places on this planet, visit your spirit guides and/or Guardian Angels, arrange to rendezvous with other astral projectors, wake those astral projectors up to come play with you, enjoy flight and freedom. These are just some of the things you may wish to do whilst out of body, some people however, tend to let the experience take them and see what happens and as long as your vibrations are reasonably high and you protect yourself there should be no problem with that.

Stay Safe

There are some things you can do to make sure that your experiences with APs are always enjoyable and positive. You can and should always visualize a white light of love around you when you project. You can also call for your Guides/Guardians/God at any moment to protect you. Don’t engage in activities with negative motivations. Always try to project whilst in a high vibrational state. And of course you can be back in your body, just by thinking about it. Have fun.

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6 thoughts on “Sixth Sense 03: Astral Projection

  1. my wife just accidentally astral projected in her sleep and saw the time line about roughly the late 1700’s to maybe mid 1800’s and then she went to a dark plane where she thought she was in space she felt very confused at first and then it was like she forgot to be confused and kept forgetting who she even was like she was just stuck there and then she started feeling like something was coming towards her getting stronger and closer and that it felt really bad like it either hated her or hated the fact she was there she is unsure which, i told her she should have called out to Freyja but she said that it was like she couldn’t think straight at roughly the time this was going on i started getting really annoyed that the tv was on even though i was up and on my laptop i wanted it off and could not find the remote she has a bad habit of falling asleep on it so after a short search i woke her up just to find all this out. What was the thing she felt why could she not focus I have done a search but it not turning up anything any feed back would be great please Email me your opinion i have studied the occult for years but dont have much experience with astral projection was always more into high magick and the tarot and have only astral projected on accident a few times and never felt what she is talking about but i always stayed closer to the earth bound planes should I be concerned.


    • Hi. One of the symptoms of spiritual attack can often be mental blocking. You try to have a thought and it just won’t form. The other thing she has to consider is how aware she was as often we astral travel in our sleep and when the subconscious is in control we think differently. I can’t say for sure but from my research, not only is it possible to time travel through the astral planes. Thought forms that stand for many years often appear as they were so in your own house you may see furniture of past inhabitants. But also manifestation is instant and we can create our own versions of places with our mind with out actually being there. She has definitely encountered a lower dimensional being though they may belong there or be a human being that is trapped there though their own negativity after death and not want to or know how to move on. Some if these also become good at attacks. It is hard because accidental astral projection is probably one of the most unwanted ways to explore obe. A high vibration and a connection with higher self and realms is optimal for astral projection and so when it happens, which it does for all of us as we sleep, and you become aware of it the shock of it can be scary. The reason they will block thoughts is because a single thought can transport you somewhere else or back to your body, it can put a bubble of white light around you and it can protect you. However the feeling you had about the tv could be a subtle form if telepathy if your bond with your partner is strong or it could have been guide intervention for something going wrong. The good thing is at least you were receptive enough to acknowledge and act in this message. Sometimes the message novice receptors get is not the mental message being sent. It is a feeling that gets translated in the brain differently. If she sent “I want to wake up” you receive a feeling that feeling translates to something that would cause you to wake her up. Information can be sent instantaneously a but language cannot. If this becomes a habit of accidental projection for your wife or even if it is not it is probably best she work in raising her vibration to ‘land’ in higher planes. It is possible she is sending herself a spiritual wake up call. With all our work with spirits it does not necessarily raise our vibration and/or consciousness. This is for so many of us a conscious decision and journey. Hope this information helps. Love and light. Xx


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    • Thanks for your advice, I plan to expand into other types of consciousness alterations in further post. This is only the third in the series. A lot to cover yet. 😀


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