Sixth Sense 02: Abilities

sixthsense_02Hi to all,

I want to go into some of the abilities that can be opened up when we open our sixth chakra. This is my learning blog so I share what I learn and my experiences. This is a journey, and for me the journey will be different to others as yours will be different to mine. Some of the talents I am going to be learning about will be learned through experience and others will be theoretical. Seeing I have a pretty good source though, I figured I would share both. Especially because this blog is a kind of journal of my learning.

I made a list in my previous post in the sixth sense series of abilities that may become available to you when you open your third eye and start to reveal the truth of your larger self. The one that exist with or without your body. The one that may extend further into the universe than you could possibly imagine. The list at the moment looks like this: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathic Abilities, Telepathic abilities, Remote Viewing capabilities, Astral Projection, Lucid dreaming, Dream interpretation, Channeling Abilities, Sensory Perception, Precognition, Healing Abilities, Truth and Lie detection, Manifestation and Mediumship.

What the?

Id’ like to talk about what all of these abilities are, and the definition of them. I’d also like to talk about how they may be developed and also how they may be used. When you open your third eye chakra you will start to experience one or even some of these abilities. The combination is different for everyone and some abilities will be more easily developed than others. Some will be more obvious being very easy to stumble up on. Others will lay dormant until you awaken them with very conscious planning.

The ones that show up first and are easily developed, I call talents. You may develop any but abilities outside of your talents will be harder for you to master. It is important that before you start to develop your talents, you form a good bond with your spirit guide. This will not only help you to progress much faster, but will keep you out of trouble. This is uncharted territory for you, help will be of great assistance. The other thing that I suggest is to read up on any abilities you think you may have or may wish to develop. Use your intuition and your bonds with your guide/s and/or Guardians to avoid being sucked into false information or confused

by conflicting information. I have a very close relationship with my spirit guide and I run almost everything past her. Sometimes I will get a straight answer other times I will only get enough to lead me to the answer and other times she cannot tell me anything at all because it is something I have to learn on my own.

sixthsense_01Testing Time

At first you may feel frustrated and in the dark, you may feel like you are not progressing at all. It will usually start with a bang. A noticeable introduction that you will know is part of something bigger. Your guide will very likely put you through some tests at this time and they can last quite a while. Active testing took about three years for me. If you want to get to the good bits, your guide has to know you are truly ready and understanding of what will follow. I warn you because some of these tests may be scary. They need to know you can handle it. Truly handle it. Usually though once you have figured out you are being tested it is just a matter of figuring it out. Persistence will bring you though.

Always remember though that your main guide is a light being and should never recommend anything that is not consistent with your well being. They should radiate love. You will find that they take no joy in the testing period. It is usually very difficult for them too. I can not give you any Idea of how you will be tested, but testing for me was as follows.

My Tests

You can read more about my tests. I was tested on my ability to protect myself firstly. Once you have these abilities you may become a target or find yourself in undesirable circumstances along the way. The more likely this will happen, is happening or has happened, the more vigorous your training in protection. Remember you will not be told you are being tested. Use your intuition, they may simply be getting you to develop it. The more frustrating the situation, the more likely it is they are testing you.

I was tested to learn how to recognize different energies and I was tested to learn how to hear telepathically and on my intuition. But before all these were even started, I was tested on my ability to handle what was happening. It took just over ten years from that initial ‘start with a bang’ until I was ready to start dealing with the reality of what had happened at that time.

Passing Grade

The good news is that as long as you persist and keep trying you cannot fail one of these tests. Your guide will wait for as long as it takes for you to understand and get it right. They will not put pressure on you to hurry. They will do anything they can to help you so long as it is not cheating the test. Best of all they will not get impatient or angry with you. However, you cannot progress to the next thing until you have passed that test.
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