Manifestation 05: Gratitude


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Our last post on Manifesting is on Gratitude. This one is a no brainer but such a huge part of the process, I could hardly leave it out. There is a statement that I have found to be as true as could be. That is. “Gratitude is the magnet for abundance.” Be grateful for even the smallest things, the most insignificant things and the undesirable things in our lives and we will attract good things. The energy going out here is equivalent to “I love, Blah” so guess what? We get more of the things we love. Constantly acknowledging what we love and enjoy gives us more of that, if we don’t enjoy or love it, we don’t acknowledge it.

lllleaf_02The Small Things

This is being grateful for the things that we have, that may not have previously been all that we wanted. We may own a small, old car, but we wish we owned a brand new luxury car. True gratitude for the small, old car puts us in a state to receive something better. We see our car as a blessing and be truly grateful, don’t just say it, don’t just mean it, feel it. Feel the gratitude, actually be gracious. Remember we are working with energy, if our thoughts, beliefs and emotions don’t line up we will send mixed messages to the universe, and the most powerful will usually attract the most.

Not to say the other parts won’t attract, just not exactly what you want, when you want or to the degree you want. If we are filled with joy when we think of our small, old car then we are truly grateful. To do this, we treat our car like a blessing, and look after it. We treat it like it is the car we want. See it as the car we want. Love it like the car we want. These things will help us to be grateful for those things that may previously disappointed us. We can use this technique with anything, our job, our house, it will even work with our spouse.

The Insignificant Things

A nice hot shower at the end of the day or to start up your morning may not mean much to you now, but take it way and I guarantee you will miss it. I can speak from experience there. These type of things may seem insignificant but being grateful for them creates more grateful energy and attracts more abundance. Next time you have your morning coffee, as it warms you up and wakes you into a more hospitable human being, say it aloud or in your head: “I am grateful for this morning cuppa.” The more things you can think of to be grateful for, the more gratitude will fill your mind chatter leaving less room for negativity.

lllknot_02The Undesirable Things

The Problem with undesirable things is that they have a way of bullying their way to the forefront of our thoughts. Here is where gratitude saves the day. If we put a spin on our perception, which can be a challenge at times but worth it, we can use gratitude at it’s most powerful. Try something along these lines, “I am grateful my boss is in a bad mood today,as it will drive me to work harder” Or “It will make me more gracious of their good days” I don’t know your specific situation but you get it.

Spin your reality a bit and you can use that thing that would normally bring you down to manifest some positive stuff for yourself, most important of all of that stuff is a better mood. The mood is what will attract us the abundance, situations, people and things that we want. Also, we get to feel great right now, as opposed to waiting for the abundance, situations, people or things to arrive.

You will also find that when you are in a good mood you will act and react in different ways than when you are in a bad mood. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this will bring you better outcomes.


This is a very important part of the process. arguably the most important. If you go and get all of this right and then give up before you get the outcomes you are looking for then it has not on;y bee a waste of your time, but an even bigger tragedy your faith in the universe will be marred.

A very important thing to understand is that the how can often be miles from what you are expecting and it may seem like you must suffer a misfortune before you can have what you want. This is the point where being grateful for the undesirable will help and remember faking it will not work. Spin your reality. If you keep yourself gracious there will always be a silver lining to any cloud that may appear.

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