Sixth Sense 01: Opening for Guides

lllguide_07Hi to all,

Today  I would like to talk about opening for contact with your guides. Whilst I have done a DIY For spirit guides that I highly recommend you read, I would like to concentrate on how you go from a closed off sixth sense to opening up your third eye.  Getting contact from your guides or more so recognizing contact from your guides, your guardians and the difference. Meditation is the best way to heighten your awareness. But which position is best for this?

Meditation Position

When you meditate the best position to take is the one that works for you. The most commonly used and effective are on your back with your arms by your side or gently resting on your stomach, this is my favorite. Then there are the seated positions, once you have researched a little you may want to choose a specific position but comfortably in a chair with hands in lap or cross legged on the floor. You can use meditative calming and focusing techniques through out the day in which you don’t need to be in any particular position.

It also depends what your aim is. If you are wanting to astral project and/or lucidly dream lying down is the best position and falling asleep is an aim. If you don’t want to fall asleep and prolong your meditation, then sitting up is better. Yoga positions can also be used to teach focus in meditation. Being that I have just recently started yoga, I can not imagine ever falling asleep in one of these positions. If you like to meditate to relax before bed do as much as you can before you fall asleep. Ten minutes of meditation a day is better than none, and will still have a positive effect on you. The more and longer you meditate the more benefits you will get out of it.


Normally when meditating you will try to focus on your breath and bring yourself into the eternal now, or this present second. If you have other aims then meditating on different concepts and using different visualizations will help. To be in a receptive state for contact with your guides  you want to have your third eye chakra open and in good functional order.

When you meditate, relax first. Think of each part of your body and relax them one by one. At first this may take some time but soon it will become easier and you will be able to relax very quickly. Then Imagine a white light expanding out of your heart and surrounding you. It is made of pure love and nothing bad can penetrate it. This is a fact and you can use this bubble of light when ever you feel scared or bad. Sometime it can take a little while for the bad energy to dissipate but keep at it, but bad entities cannot stay here.

Now try to think only of the point just above your  mid-brows, use a visualization to open the chakra. A flower opening, a light growing brighter or a moon opening from new to full. Concentrate on keeping it open. If you feel nothing at first don’t panic it can take time and doesn’t mean that your third eye is not open. Common feelings experienced when opening your third eye include tingling and pressure on the third eye area. If it is painful in any way concentrate on your protective white light again and try opening it again, making sure your light is up as well.

Side Effects

Now once you get your third eye open and it begins to pick up on things you are going to have a sixth sense. This is very important to know because contact from your Guides and Guardian Angels is not going to be the only thing filtering  through here. What comes through will depend on two things. Your natural fourth dimensional talents and what astral influences are around you.

lllguide_08I will go into each in a little more detail in further posts but they include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathic Abilities, Telepathic abilities, Remote Viewing capabilities, Astral Projection, Lucid dreaming, Dream interpretation, Channeling Abilities, Sensory Perception, Precognition, Healing Abilities, Truth and Lie detection, Manifestation, Mediumship, and there are probably more that I have forgotten or don’t know about yet. You need to look into all of these as you open your third eye, one or two or perhaps even more will pop up for you with out you even trying once your third eye is open. If you are unaware of them you may seriously think you’ve gone nuts.

Then you must also realize that each of these talents will be picking up on things you cannot see, some will becoming from entities you can’t see like your Guides, Guardians and more. Some will be unseen things created by those you can see like energy, emotions and thoughts. It still feels a little surreal to me at times. These influences will affect how you experience your talent. You also have to remember we don’t get to pick out talents whilst we may develop all of them to a small degree but like the physical world some will be easier to develop than others these are our talents.

What am I looking For?

This can be a bit tricky at first. Now the truth is your guide has probably been trying to communicate with you for sometime, especially if you have been trying to communicate with them. If this has been happening for a while or you have a third eye that is already functioning at some capacity you have probably even heard them. It is easy to confuse their messages as your own thoughts or intuition. It may feel like the old cartoons, like there is an angel on your shoulder telling you you should do the right thing.

Until you really tune in though you won’t know which is yourself and which is your guide. Now depending on your talent you may hear a voice or see a visions. Don’t check yourself in to the loony bin just yet. But remember your Guide is not the only one that can use these channels, be careful. Check my post on making sure your guide is really your guide [HERE]. The main thing you will be looking for is tolerance and above all love. When they send you love you will feel it in every fiber of your being, you may even see it or hear it.

My Guardians often send me messages through songs stuck in my  head. I am getting better at deciphering the meaning of  them, but not only does Gemini let me know when I have the right meaning the song goes out of my head. It is all of a sudden no longer stuck there. Look out for these too. They are another way your guardians can contact you. The longer it is since you’ve heard the song the more likely it is to be them and when it keeps coming back even though you haven’t heard the song again, that is definitely them. The lyrics are usually the message point but it may be what the song means to you.

Arranging a Meeting

Yes it is very possible to arrange a meeting with your Guides and or Guardian Angels. The easiest and most commonly used method is through meditation. There are other ways but I won’t mention them as many are high risk and take longer to learn, unless they are your talent. You can explore more once you have really learned about what you are doing.

For Meditation do your relaxation then visualize somewhere calming and pretty for you to meet. Have the intention of whom you would like to meet with and invite them. Always keep yourself in your white light. You can verbally invite them or like I did, prepare a place for them to appear. You will know that you are not imagining and have made contact when you see or hear or feel something you were not expecting.  They will not be what you are expecting so that you know they are not a part of your imagination.


Look for how they appear or any signs they give you in your vision. Guardians especially will make these symbols pop up in your life when they want you to know they are there. Mine appear as animals, a [BUTTERFLY], [HORSE] and a Cheetah that I haven’t officially met as he is on a much higher plane but he has made his presence known. When they want me to know they are around I will see these images within short amounts of time. Either together or a few of the same one.

If you have not met them yet you can do this by asking them to use a specific image to let you know they’re there. Use something that it is possible for you to see but not in your everyday life. Don’t use a car in general or something like that because you will see them every day no matter what, but you may use a specific and rare car like a Porsche (unless you or someone you know owns one). Then be open to variations, don’t be too ridged. You may see a toy Porsche, a picture of a Porsche, a friend may mention a Porsche. You may not see an actual Porsche. Although My Guardian is specifically a Cheetah, he can use other big cats to symbolize himself. In this case though it will be in context for example, I will see a butterfly, a horse and a tiger in the space of five minutes or less.

I hope that this helps you to connect with your Spirit Guides. I will go into other Fourth Dimensional talents in further posts. It has been a pleasure learning with you.

Facebook-256Click the Facebook book to see what’s going on over at the Facebook page. Share your experiences, memes, photos, pictures and artwork. You are always welcome to share your spiritual journey in the lovelightlearn community. I hope to see you over there. Thank you all for your support it has been wonderful. Don’t forget to like the page before you leave.

Lots of love,


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