Manifestation 03: Emotion

lllcupcakes_06Hi to all,

Last post we touched on emotions in specific, love and fear of course being polar opposites. I think if I were to ask anybody at this point which do you think would be more useful for manifesting, I don’t think it would be hard to guess that love would be the answer. However a lot of us spend huge amounts of time in fear despite knowing this at a core level. I am no exception and have done way too much of this in the past. Now it’s time to stop though and not only feel love but use it as my motivation where fear used to be.  Yes again it is easier said than done but it’s a truckload easier than catching fleeting thoughts so be happy. This part is also very simple but we need to remember to do it.

Don’t be surprised or hard on yourself when you revert back to old habits but you must persist. any negative emotion is coming from a place of fear. Society often expects us to feel bad and apparently we are bad people if we don’t. If you had pure intentions there is never a reason to feel bad about your actions, if your intentions were bad then acknowledge feeling bad about it and move on changing your motivation in the future.

lllcupcakes_09But What About My Stuff?

So how does all this connect with manifesting? Well think about it. If you spend majority of your time in fear you will attract that which you fear despite all your focusing and speaking about the things you want. If you spend majority of your time in love you will attract what you love. We also realize that love is the most powerful thing. God is love, love is God.

So I’m going to repeat myself and tell you the same stuff I told you last post. This is good though because it means it will be easier to remember and there is not more stuff for you to do just the same stuff that will help in more than one area.

When you feel the negative emotion, let it go. Give yourself permission to not be afraid and trust and have faith in God and/or the Universe depending on your beliefs. Find a way to come from a place of love instead, then come back into yourself. realize the eternal now. focus on your breath. There is no future, there is no past, just now and now you are being your best, allowing love and joy to flow through you. If you want you can use your visualization with your breath and feel the love/light pour down on you allowing you to find a way of love.

Oops I Did it Again

The thing to remember if you are going to be successful in this area is not to be too hard on yourself. Always try your best but at the same time acknowledge mistakes and move on. Do not engage in any negative emotion because of them. You are human and your learning curve is yours, own it and love it. If you are being your best you will have no problem doing this, it is as simple as allowing yourself to.

Pretty Please With Sugar on Top

I have been speaking a lot about giving yourself permission and allowing yourself things. I want to take a little time out to explain the concept. The reason being that although we hear these terms and think we understand them, unless you are actually feeling the relief, then the concept has actually been lost. Don’t feel bad I had heard the term for years and only recently have truly understood it enough to do it.

lllcupcakes_08Think of it this way. In our lives we set rules and boundaries for ourselves, in the way we act and feel and think. Some are put there by ourselves consciously to make us into the people we want to be. Please never give yourself permission to break these unless you have consciously decided you want to be someone different. However, there are also many that are imposed on us by others and society that are imposed on us so early we never questioned them with enough knowledge and maturity to find out if they are right for us.

These get engrained in our subconscious and if we cross them we feel bad no matter the circumstances. For example if you tried to help someone and you accidentally hurt them, you would feel bad. Why? because that is what has been imposed on us by society. You would be a bad person if you didn’t feel bad. But if you tried to help someone and failed but will continue to try to help them in different ways, learning from the original experience. You shouldn’t feel bad. You know this. But you still feel bad. Here is where we are looking at. Truly making the informed decision that feeling bad about the situation is not good for you or them and is in fact counter productive will actually get the ‘bad’ feeling to go away. It can be hard but keep accepting yourself and acting in love and you will feel relief when you truly have permission.

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Lots of love,


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