Manifestation 02: Thought


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The second thing we are going to talk about in regards to manifestation is thought. Here we are talking about obviously your conscious thoughts but also your intent and visualizations. As I mentioned in the first post the meaning of the words are not important, the energy behind them, that they carry is most important. This is one of the main places they will get their energy from.

Thoughts themselves have their own energy. Thoughts can take on a life of their own and take over your mind until it is completely consumed by one thought in particular. But thoughts are most useful in manifesting because they have such a heavy influence on our emotions. The most powerful energy we as human beings can emit. The most powerful of those emotions is love at one end and fear at the other. I will get more into emotions in our next post but for now let’s see how we can use our thoughts to our advantage.

lllcupcakes_05School of Hard Knocks

This is probably the hardest of the manifesting tools to control. The reason being that thousands of thoughts go through your mind every day with out you consciously thinking them. They are just what is programmed in your brain, reactions to stimuli. The more of the thoughts that we can catch that aren’t serving us the better. At first though it will be a matter of just noticing they are there. By the time you realize they are their, they have already happened. You must remind yourself it is okay that the thought surfaced. Then reassure yourself that the opposite is true. Then bring yourself back into the now with your breath.

It is hard to find all of these little thoughts but get as many as you can. Remind yourself it is okay to take some time to repair yourself. Pat yourself on the back and notice when you do well. The biggest indicator to remind you to check your thoughts is your emotions, if you feel bad then a thought or belief is responsible. Find it, assure yourself the opposite is true and bring yourself back to your breath.  Give yourself permission to let it go and believe the thought that serves you. It is important that your thoughts, words, actions, emotions and energy, that is mind body and spirit, align for the common cause.

For All Intent Purposes

Intent is the reason you are saying or doing what you are doing or saying. Finding your own true intent can be hard. It requires a lot of self honesty. No one wants to admit they are being selfish or mean, ruled by ego.  If you are doing something for the wrong reasons even if you think they are the right reasons, you will meet resistance. The right intent however will meet no resistance and flow much more easily into your life. If you are meeting resistance, check your motives. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

lllcoffee_03Visualize This

Okay if you are having problems with your manifestation, this is for you, so again, listen up. Visualization is also a great tool for curbing your emotions and extending your will out into the universe, but if you have per-programmed lack in your subconscious you need to be careful here.  You can visualize what you want, but this can often have feelings of the old programming attached. You visualize you your new car but you feel like that could never happen. Well how about we let the universe decide exactly what is possible and what’s not. Here we are better off visualizing the energy we are manipulating.

There are usually no preconceived notions about what we are capable of doing with that energy. At first we may not even be aware what affect we are having so it is easy not to have expectations also. So how do we manipulate energy. There are many ways. If you have more knowledge and experience with this area feel free to do the visualizations you feel are right for you.  A simple one you can use is to imagine white love/light coming in from the universe, passing though your crown chakra and filling you up until you glow with it. Imagine this is the universe extending it’s love and abundance onto you. We will get more into the use of energy in our next post.

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