Manifestation 01: Sound

lllcupcakes_01Hi to all,

I have been doing some manifestation work with Gemini. At my request we started working on this due to some unfortunate financial circumstances and so far have yielded some very good results. The law of attraction was made famous by the DVD and books called “The Secret”. I remember commenting to someone else blogging on this subject, and they agreed, at how this series had made the law of attraction look like some sort of cosmic Santa Claus which was completely inaccurate.

I am writing this for those of us who have had trouble manifesting consciously. We do everything we are supposed to and still nothing happens. If this is you, listen up. The first thing that you must realize when you start to try manifesting is that you are attracting energy not physical things. The energy will manifest into physical things and it will do this constantly whether you are trying to or aware of it or neither.

lllcupcakes_03My Things

Focusing on physical things is a way to get clear as to what you want but doing this constantly will bring you no closer to your ‘things’. When manifesting, a passing thought driven by enough desire is enough for the universe to hear you. You don’t need to focus on it constantly, what you need to focus on is putting yourself in a state to receive.

So sound works for me, how? Well in this case I am talking about the words. There is more to it than just the words, but these aspects will be covered in further posts. For now let’s concentrate on sound. So obviously when I say sound I mean words, but why didn’t I say words? Because words can have any meaning you give them. If you say “I am abundant” but feel lacking, then taking into consideration we are working with energy, which to you think will do the attracting? If you guessed the feeling you’d be right.

How many of the things you say, that you are putting out into the universe are not serving you? “This always happens.” “I just can’t catch a break.” “My life sucks.” If you believe all these things when you say them can you guess what you are attracting to yourself?


So what the words mean to others is not relevant. What is relevant is the meaning of the words to you.  The feeling the words give to you. You could say “Gobble Dee Gook.” but if it makes you feel abundant, if it means to you “I am abundant,” then “Gobble Dee Gook,” will attract abundance to you. If you have ever spoken in tongues you will know there is no language here. You are praying for people you don’t know. You have intent and the words just give it power. They don’t mean anything to anyone, it is just there to carry your energy into the universe, it is a vessel.

So how many of you did what I did when they saw the secret? Said the words over and over again hoping one day they would be true. Well if like me you had an underlined programmed feeling of lack underneath them no matter how much you tried to convince yourself, years of lack made you feel what you have always felt. Lack. Well we just did ourselves a major disservice and sent a whole lot of “lack” out there into the universe. The good news is there is no lack, it is just an illusion and if we know how, we can attract abundance in any area we choose. But how do we combat that underlined programmed feeling when it has had decades to persuade us and we need to change NOW not after decades of reprogramming?

lllcupcakes_02The Eternal Present

Mediators know exactly what I am talking about here. I am betting that if you are having trouble manifesting consciously, that your most pressing thought, the one you give all your energy and time to is a problem and you spend a lot of energy and time in worry.

STOP! NOW! Stop thinking about what you don’t want, the things that can go wrong or how it will be made possible. Okay so I know that’s much easier said than done, but I will tell you how. It is not the easiest thing to do but it is simple and the only hard thing about it is you have to remember to do it all the time.


If you are worried, then your mind is to the future you must bring yourself completely into the now. To do that come inside yourself, notice your breath and focus on it. What you are doing here is taking the worry off your mind. You are here and you are now, that is always the way. Forget the how or the outcome. Just be. When you start to worry remind yourself that the universe has got this. Christians teach to give your problems to God. This is what you are doing, but what you are giving your problems over to must be something you have complete faith in so that you can stop worrying and thinking about it. Just another benefit of meditation and you don’t need huge chunks of time or vast talent or knowledge to do it.

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Lots of love,


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