Meditation 06: Silence and Sound


Hi to all,

If the entire universe is made up of vibrations, then sound is our most valuable tool for the use of painting the life that we wish to experience. I have spoken before about the benefits of brainwave entrainment. The use of sound to train the brainwaves to cycle at desired rates. These brainwave states help us to meditate more deeply and have more profound experiences whilst meditating.


I believe the same benefit is gained by chanting whilst meditating as that is gained by brainwave entrainment, in fact more. Whilst I have never used chanting during my meditations I have certainly thought of learning. So far I find that not only can hearing the right sounds and the right frequencies during meditation change your brainwave frequencies and your experience, but the vibration of actually producing the sound yourself can provide this benefit to the entire body as it vibrates in correlation with your voice. The sound is also something you can focus on, bringing your awareness inside yourself.


Let There Be Light

In the Bible it says that the lord spoke everything into existence. Something that with our limited version of language seems quite ludicrous. But If God’s ‘word’ or ‘sound’ was what started the vibration that continues to make form of energy even today, then maybe the interpretation of the original text was a little off but still accurate. Christians also believe in singing as a form of praise or worship. This too shows us the power of sound in our universe. If you have ever been involved in this type of worship. It is very common to be taken over by the ‘Holy Spirit’ whilst singing.

Manifesting Through Sound

When we manifest into our lives we are attracting things to us at all times. There are three main areas that do the attracting. One of these is sound, or for us, words. there are many ways to make sound work for us for manifesting but the easiest as it is most natural for us is words. Words are a way to take what we are manifesting and bring them into the physical world. I will go into more on this subject in my next few posts but what we say and what we believe about what we are saying is very important when it comes to manifesting.


Whilst sound is a very powerful tool when shaping our universe, silence is perhaps the most powerful. How can this be I hear you ask. True and complete silence of the mind is quite a challenge. Whilst sound can help us meditate the greatest challenge is to turn off the sound, turn off your mind and find complete quiet. It is here that we may find the complete wisdom and understanding of the universe that we seek. I haven’t gotten to this point yet of course, but each day I am now taking time out to enjoy some silence. I tend to fill my life with noise, it soothes me. Music, or Television where ever I go. Even just at home by myself on the computer I have the TV on in the back ground. It is time that I become comfortable with silence. If I can’t be comfortable with external silence I don’t think I will have much luck finding inner silence. This is my journey.

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