Astral Projection 07: Astral Selves

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Hi to all,

I had a very interesting experience the other day. As a lot of you will already know I have been having many unaware projections where I realize after waking from a dream that it was actually a projection. One of the things that gives them away is that I will start the dream from a point very close to my sleeping body, at least in the same room, and often I actually start the ‘dream’ waking in my bed.

Rude Awakenings

I had gone back to sleep after my son fell back asleep around mid morning. As my husband works evenings he was already asleep in bed. I remember waking in my projection, unaware that I was projecting and freaking out. I remember jumping up out of the bed screaming “Who are you! Why are you here? Who are you?” A man I had never seen before was sleeping next to me. As I started freaking out he woke up and also freaked out, I assume he didn’t recognize me either, but he didn’t say anything to me so I can’t be sure why he freaked out.

Mystery Manllldancers

So as usual when I remembered the ‘dream’ and I realized that I must have been projecting, I went to Gemini to try and figure out what was going on and who was the man in my bed. I knew she would not tell me straight out but would help me to figure it out for myself. So who was this mystery man sleeping in my bed?

It turns out that the man in my bed was my husband. It seems that my husband’s astral self prefers the way he looked in a previous life and shapes his astral body that way. Why then did he not recognize me? That I don’t know, but I have to look at the possibility that I also shape myself differently when in astral form, either using the appearance of a previous life or even a more astral type form that may not have even looked human. My past life self may not have been human either.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, as I have always thought I projected as my current self. I have even seen myself in a mirror in a projection and at least my face and head looked like me. What I do know is that our astral selves are not familiar to each other as this is the first incarnation we have spent together.

Astral Bodies

The body we use to navigate the astral planes with can take any shape that we want it to. If we are lucid when projecting we can choose exactly what we look like consciously. If we are unaware we are projecting it’s like Neo in The Matrix, your astral body will go to your default look. Remember, it is aware of all your incarnations and yourself in between incarnations so your default may not come from this life time. If you have spent a lot of time in between incarnations your default may be more spherical.

Consciousness vs. Astral Body

Your astral body is not to be confused with your consciousness. Your consciousness is not a body and is not limited by space and time. The difference is very distinct but hard to describe. Your consciousness is not a body it exists beyond space and time. To move with just your consciousness you will easily teleport instantly to where ever you want to go in time, space or dimension. Your astral body will fly at high speed. The thing that they both have in common though is that they are both only capable of what your physical mind believes is possible whilst they are attached to your physical body. You can learn to control them from your physical body though, which at this point is acting as a filter.

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Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “Astral Projection 07: Astral Selves

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  4. Lots of food for thought there.

    Reminds me that at the upper of this dimensional range, some choose not to use physical bodies to inhabit, but just have a ‘solid’ astral body instead. That’s how they can shape shift so easily.

    At the 3D level, the energy required to do that is enormous, so I don’t think it happens much.



    • Yes, I believe you are right about the shape shifting. I found this one very interesting also. I had to post it because I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened.


      • It’s interesting it’s come up now, actually, because I’ve been mulling on this very subject recently. I’m not sure my blog is ready for what I’ve come up with, but certainly it is interesting. Astral projects with the mind follow the no body rule.

        It’s also why it’s virtually impossible to kill anybody. Best you can hope of is a stay of execution, so to speak.


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