Astral Projection 06: Awareness

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Hi to all.

Now Those who are following already know that I am currently on the path to experience lucid dreams and astral projection. I have been working on my Awareness. It seems that I keep having non-lucid projections. The seem like dreams until I wake up and realize that they are not dreams but instead projections.

How to Tell

I have come to realize only recently that I have experienced many projections in my life some I am more aware of than others. I am assuming that the things to look for are different with each person. But there are certain things that if you miss them whilst you are projecting you will be able to pick up on them as soon as you wake up, so long as you know what they are.In the waking state it is very obvious, the trick is getting your mind to acknowledge it as you sleep.

lllAstral projection_05Waking Projections

There are your “Waking” projections. I call them this because whilst I am projecting I am convinced I am awake in a very real way. To the point that I am confused when I wake up. It’s not a feeling of “Oh, it was only a dream.” But more of a feeling of; “How did I get back in my bed?” “Why am I waking up?” or “Did I sleep?”  I have had three of these that I can recall.

I have spoken about one, once before when I roamed the house nervous I would not get enough sleep for the next morning. Then there was the first time it happened, I was about fifteen or sixteen. In the ‘dream’, I was lying in my bed in the exact same position that I was in the waking world. I lay on my side facing the wall that was mostly window. I look over my shoulder and I see a silhouette of a man come into my room. I think to myself, “Oh My God I hope he doesn’t have a knife!” He then pulls out a big knife. He puts it around my throat as if he is going to cut it. I close my eyes tightly but my throat is not cut.  I open my eyes and I see the room that was previously dark is slightly lit and the first thing I see is the sunrise. But my neck, where the knife was, it tingles. A feeling that is so hard to describe. It is not painful but tingles in a way that I remarked at the realism of the feeling, and of course the ‘dream’. This was my first conscious look at a lower astral plane.  Needless to say I had no idea at the time what had happened.

Unaware Projections

This is where you have much less awareness in your projection and you can wake up thinking it is a dream. But it’s not. You can usually pick these because they begin near your sleeping body and usually stay pretty close. It may however turn into a flying dream and you may go further but you usually don’t know that you can fly, and certainly not that you are projecting. I very rarely leave the house in these types of dreams.

The other thing you will notice about them is that the scenery is very close to the waking world, some of the orientation may change slightly and you may be able to see through walls. Whilst you are projecting you may not be aware the wall is there because you can’t see it, so you are unaware you can see through the wall. When you wake up however you notice that it was the same layout as your house except there was a ‘doorway’ where there usually isn’t one.

Another thing you will notice as you will probably not just change locations. You may do it accidentally, but because you don’t know you are projecting you don’t try. In fact you do very mundane, normal things, like you are going about your life. If you go some where you may walk, run or fly to where you are going. You are less likely to teleport, or have your surroundings change around you like in a dream. Your awareness level is that of a dream state and therefore becoming lucid may be a challenge.

Projection Dreams

Now these are dreams in which your mind is providing interpretation for a projection. I think the best way to explain it is that the active part of your consciousness is with your physical body but your astral body is out and about with a less dominant part of your consciousness, as your consciousness can be in many places at once. Wow that sounded a lot less complicated in my head.

The most important part is the consequences of this arrangement. You are aware on some level you are astrally projecting but your active consciousness interprets the experience it is having as your astral self through dreams. To but it simply you may dream you are flying, but you are not seeing what the astral body is seeing, you are making up what is happening to explain what you are aware the astral self is experiencing kinetically.

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