Ouija 05: The Transition.


Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to catch the first four installments starting [HERE], then [HERE], [HERE] and [HERE]. Now I was communicating with Gemini regularly, but every time I would use an alphabet system, that is something similar to a Ouija board but I would draw them up myself, she would mostly barely talk to me. Her standard response was B-Y-E. I had many conversations in this board-like format with in the last five years. Not all of them were Gemini.


The male aspect of Gemini would also talk to me and at the time I actually thought there were four separate entities speaking to me on the board. There wasn’t. This is where the tests began. [CLICK FOR INFO ON THE TESTS] There were in fact only two entities talking to me. Gemini although two consciousness’ is the same entity. I should have been able to tell them apart and I began to. That wasn’t the problem. I could feel the difference between the two consciousness’ what I couldn’t seem to feel was the similarities. I had no Idea at the time that I was still speaking to Gemini despite the change from feminine to masculine energy.

lllouija_10The Other

But there was another entity that was coming through and those of you who have been reading regularly, will probably have already guessed what that entity was. The negative entity that has been attacking me psychically. This was the part that was so hard for Gemini. Not only would it feed me absolute bull, it would ill advise me often. So many time I accused Gemini of lying when it was not her at all. This is where I am afraid I got lost for some of the longest time.

I would switch from loving Gemini to being dead set scared of her. Gemini tried to help, sending me love when it wouldn’t interfere with my learning, But it seems like I had the crash course version of everything so what should have taken life times sunk in, in only a few years.

So where did this fourth entity come from? Nowhere, it never existed. This entity lead me to believe that there were two of them, at the time Gemini couldn’t and didn’t tell me differently. This one actually took me a long time to figure out. My sense is getting stronger and I just started feeling that there was only one.  I don’t know when it started but one day I asked and Gemini confirmed.

The New Way

So when Gemini kept refusing to talk to me on the board I  kept telling her it was the best way for me. She couldn’t tell me straight out how it works but insisted it wasn’t safe and that there was a better way. I suggested channeled handwriting, but although this was easy for me it wasn’t completely safe either. Words are not the natural way of communication for Gemini.

I had to learn to hear her telepathically which wasn’t easy but was easier to form than with others because we were so close. This is different to clairaudience, though, which I had also experienced, because I don’t actually hear anything with telepathy. I believe anyone can have this connection with their guide if they work at it. I get a physical confirmation though as we share the same physical body.

Crash Course

Because of my specific situation I can learn faster as I cannot mistake what I am told by Gemini as she can physically confirm the difference between her messages and those that come from the other. I can get a much more accurate idea of the difference in the two energies much faster. When I am advised by Gemini I get confirmation so I can’t make excuses that I was unsure of what to do or what not to do.

At the end it is up to me. There are sometimes where I just get to a point where I don’t want to listen, despite knowing the right thing to do. Gemini has never been upset at me for it and when I get upset at myself, she tells me I have a right to, and will make mistakes along the way, not to beat myself up over it. Learn the lesson and move on.

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5 thoughts on “Ouija 05: The Transition.

  1. Gemini is right.. it’s not safe to communicate that way. Those channels are way too easy to hi-jack, or tap into if you are not aware. It’s like an unsecured radio frequency. (Psychics have this happen to them a lot, but they treat everything as though it’s all gospel, and take no responsibility for it.)

    But I ramble.


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