Ascension 05: Going Digital


Hi to all,

I recently had a conversation on another website that started with a question. The question compared analog and digital to the spiritual and asked if it may be similar in a way that once you go from analog to digital, you loose information in the process. Information that may never be retrieved from the new digital version. Gone forever.

Higher Realm University

I recently prayed to my Guardians. I had heard that it was possible to learn or for lack of a better analogy Study in the higher realms. To be honest I had no idea what was learned there or how it all worked. I was sure that the higher realms would be a great place to be let alone the untold wisdom that could be learned there. So I asked. If it were possible I would like to visit the higher realms and learn straight from my guardians. I figured some sort of astral travel would be involved as I have seen lower realms this way.

lllhigher_01Bert and Ernie

One morning just recently, I awoke with a song in my head. It was the theme song of one of the shows my son watches. I had made a mental note in the past that I believed the introduction to the show was a rough reference to astral projection.  I will post the theme song at the end of the page and I think you will get where I am coming from with my interpretation.

Anyway My guardians often stick a song in my head to communicate things and I just had the feeling that I had astrally projected the night before. I asked Gemini my spirit guide if I had indeed ‘walked’ as I call it. She told me that I had. But I didn’t even recall a dream that could have been interpreted as a projection.

I asked Gemini where I had been. She told me that I had to figure it out for myself. I thought about it for a few seconds and remembering my prayer, I guessed that maybe I had visited a higher realm. Gemini confirmed that I had actually been to the higher realms that previous night. However, I didn’t remember this trip, not even through a dreamy haze like I did with the lower realms.

Going Digital

When we come back from higher realms we may not remember being there, let alone what we may have learned there. In the down grade back to our plane we lose information just like when going from analog to digital. The creator is much smarter though and has created a way for us to retrieve this information without having to leave this realm. The higher self stores all the information that we learn and we can access the information by accessing our higher self from our waking state. I have an intuition about what we spoke about but I am am still learning how to access my higher self readily.

I’m sure you can see the interpretation of astral projection here.

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