Spirit Guide 05: The Real Deal


Hi to all,

I’m back talking about spirit guides today. I have said before that I think that spirit guides are our best source of guidance in spiritual matters concerning our spiritual journey. My spirit guide Gemini has assured me that we all have a spirit guide and that in fact some of us have many. One however one will be your main guide.

Looking Down on you from Heaven

A lot of the time we can be guided by loved ones after they have passed on. They remain around us after they pass on to watch over us. They are not special they just love you. We all get the gift of free will and if you choose to help someone you love through their life from the spirit world you always have that option. If you consciously contact these guides and wish to check their authenticity then it is as easy as asking them things that only they would know. They will remember their past life, in fact they may remember all of them.

If you feel that a loved one is around you, speak out loud to them ask them to give you a sign. Don’t ask for silly things like the lights to flicker etc. Just ask for a sign or if you are not sure who it is ask for a sign as to who it is. With in a couple of days something will remind you of that person and you will know. You may even get several little signs depending on how keen they are for you to know they are there.

The White Rose

The actual rose that grew in my garden.

The actual rose that grew in my garden.

When I had my engagement party, I believe that my grandmother who had passed on, attended and gave her blessing due to a pretty obvious sign. When my ‘Nana’ as we called her, was alive she always told my mother that if there was an after life she would find a way to come back and let her know. After she died my mother claimed that she got no confirmation from my Nana, of the promise she had made whilst living.

Seventeen years after she passed on I got engaged to my husband and as most couples do we had an engagement party. A couple of days before the party a white rose grew in my back yard garden. My Nana loved white roses, They were one of her favorites. There was only one problem, I didn’t grow any.

I didn’t have a bush, just a small bare stem with a few branches that I was previously unaware of, grew from the ground. The white rose was in full bloom for my party and my mother commented several times that it was my Nana giving her blessing. That was the only Rose that ever grew in my garden and that was three years ago. Gemini says that Nana is still with my mother to this day.

Main Guide

Your main guide has been there since your birth and will be there until your death. Other guides may come and go , dependent on your needs. If they feel you no longer need them they will move on. Your main guide is an entity that you appointed before your incarnation. Their purpose is solely to look over you and help you with your spiritual life. From steering you away from danger to steering you towards joy and love.

Entity not Spirit

Although they are called spirit guides, your main guide will most likely not be what we define as a ‘spirit’. They are not human and they are not dead. I will get into how that can be in another post but for now just understand that although the human souls pass through these planes of existence, this is not where they belong. There are however beings that do belong there. These beings of light that we call spirit guides are not Angels but you probably have a few of them too, but that is also for another post.

Guide Love

Your Spirit guides will always love you. They will always take care of you and they will never ask you to do anything that is not consistent with your well being. Your guides  will always respect your right to free will. When you feel their presence, you will feel their love for you. The love you feel from them is very pure, you will know it easily.  If your ‘Guide’ makes you feel bad in any way, scares you or demands anything from you, then they are not your guide. Some spirits and entities will pose as your guide with ill intentions.

Your guide will always teach love no matter what lessons you are here to learn. We all have very different paths ahead from one another. Each guide will be looking to deal with your specific path in their specific way. Each guide has their own personality and a distinctive energy you can learn to recognize. Whilst they are always there, they will be easier to feel when they have something to say.

Please remember to use stereo headphones.

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