Lucid Dreaming 02: Awareness


Hi to all,

Again I haven’t posted on Lucid dreaming in a long time either. It is not that it has fallen from my goals list, I am just learning a very important and needed lesson in patience. I think that, that lesson is sinking in because I am extremely happy with the pace of my progress, even if it has slowed a little recently.

Increased Awareness

To help with lucid dreaming I am using increased awareness during the day. What does this mean? Well taking the time to become fully conscious, completely in the moment and fully aware. It is coming along rather well. It isn’t easy though. We think so much in day to day life it is sometimes hard to remember to stop and just be. I have an alarm that goes off every two hours. It is labeled “Am I awake?” Evey time I hear it i check if I am awake. But how does this help with lucid dreaming?

Eureka Moment

What I am looking for in my Lucid dreaming experience is to be in a dream and become lucid, that is, realize that I am dreaming whilst I am dreaming. It is part of the MILD technique to try and train the consciousness to consistently question your awareness. Then when you come across one of your dream triggers you will question your waking state and hopefully conclude that you are dreaming.

lllJumpers_01Dream Triggers

What are dream triggers and how can they help? It is good to make a list of dream triggers so you can be aware of them. A dream trigger is something that you often dream about that you can use as a trigger to check if you are dreaming. I find myself that in dreams I will not notice or ignore inconsistencies with in its construct.It is only after I wake up that I realize that “That guy had no face.” or “She was a collection of many people I know”

Realizing this stuff whilst you are dreaming is what you are really looking to do, but if it were that easy then we would all become lucid every night. but if you think about it I’m sure you can think of a few things that are reoccurring in your dreams. I often dream about bodies of water. I have had a lot of flying dreams etc. Now when I am around bodies of water or start flying my dreams I know that I could be dreaming. Whether it is enough to induce lucidity is yet to be seen.

Check Point

So you have come across one of your dream triggers, or your alarm has rung, now how do you check if your dreaming? Won’t your mind just pass it off as a waking moment? Unfortunately if you don’t know what to look for, or are not ready or aware the answer is yes. You may well just convince yourself the dream is real. I had a dream figure tell me I was in a dream, I responded by telling him it was his dream, I can’t lucid dream yet. I guess believing you can do it counts for quite a bit also.

Well there are a few ways to check if you’re dreaming. The most popular and well known method is the pinch test. Although I have heard to it referred to many times though the waking day, I have never heard of anyone going lucid with it. With that in mind there is no reason it couldn’t work. If you are unfamiliar with the method, it involves pinching yourself to see if you feel it. If you feel it you are awake, if not you are dreaming. Your mind may disguise the lack of feeling though.

The next and more popular amongst serious lucid dreamers is an awareness test. When you dream your subconscious is constructing everything around you. It is a big task and usually it can get away with it’s shoddy details by hazing your mind to them. how ever by stopping and paying attention to details you can catch the slip up. the problem is that if you focus on one thing your subconscious only has to construct that one thing and it can give it more detail. You must also stop to consider the logic. Doing this in a dream state can be difficult.

Remember to use stereo headphones for the binaural beats and Iso tones.


There are certain things that your mind can not do when you are dreaming. Knowing what they are is like using your subconscious’ own haze against itself. The sleeping mind is no good with numbers. Try to do maths in your dream or check a digital clock twice in a row to see if the time stays the same. Flick a light switch. This is something your sleeping mind will also have trouble with.

At the end of the day the truth is that if you are not ready to lucid dream then you won’t but if you work at it you can. I am still working at it myself but I think the next time someone insists that I am dreaming I might just listen to them.

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